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Your Event! Your Way! Your Budget!

As an Event Rental company, we provide a variety of rental items and decor:

Tents, Tent Lighting - Market Lights, String Lights and Chandeliers, Dance Floors, Tall Pipe & Drape, Specialty Fabrics for Decor, Tables, White Padded Chairs, Mahogany Resin Folding Chair, Gold Tufted King Louis Chairs, Gold Chiavari Chairs with a Tufted Seat Cushion in Gold and Ivory, Linens, etc.

We provide rentals for all types of events:

Outdoor weddings that may need a tent or lighting option for your yard or venue.

Indoor weddings that may need Tall Drape for a back drop or to wrap the entire room.

Our services include Tent Layout design, Tradeshow design, Event Setup and connections to a network of vendors.

Our Event Designers are personable, and eager to help from the conception of your event, to the execution, and post event.

Feel free to come into our design studio and ask for a quote, have a look around, and see all we have to offer.


Mon. & Fri. 8am to 5:30pm
Tues., Wed., & Thurs. 8am to 5pm
Sat 8am to 12noon
Sun. Closed

We provide friendly service, competitive rates, and the widest variety of products for all event needs.

Call (407) 851- 7368 or come in today!

Categories: Wedding Rental, Wedding Decor & Lighting

Regions serviced: Orlando

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I got married at the Cypress Grove Estate House and I about broke down when there was a 78% chance of rain for my wedding day since the venue is all outdoors.
They do recommend you get a tent for back up and the vendor available is Rentaland. Although they are the only option for that vendor, they seem to be a good one.
Ileana and Hailee from Rentaland were always very professional and helpful. They never pushed me to buy anything or upsell me on things I did not need. They were very understanding of my budget and needs and worked with me to try and wait to the last minute before making the decision to get them.
They were also very quick to answer my calls and emails and overall very pleasant.
I was lucky it did not rain on our day, but the tent did serve to cover people from the sun during cocktail hour so it had a purpose after all.
the only thing that is negative for me is cost. It is very expensive for a tent that honestly did not seem to be very fancy or anything. It was a plain white top tent and it cost more than the cost of the venue itself - not counting the food obviously.

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Profile Picture Jenny, 4/27/18, 1 Review
Category: Event Rentals & Photobooths, Lighting & Decor
Services Used: Lights, Tents, Delivery, Setup

We ordered dinner napkins from Rentaland. Email responses arrived in a timely manner. The staff there are friendly, from what I could tell in my email communication with them. As far as I could tell from our wedding planner, there were no issues picking up nor dropping off the napkins. Dinner napkins were a good quality. They had a huge variety of colors to fit everyone's needs.

Profile Picture Iris, 4/13/18, 10 Reviews
Category: Event Rentals & Photobooths
Services Used: Linens

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Rentaland is your premier rental company for all your special event needs. Their team is always ready to help you in any way they can. Super nice and very attentive to details. Most of all, they can make your dreams a reality. Contact them today for all your special event needs!

Rentaland Tents & Events is a phenomenal company. Offering items from silverware to full service tenting with draping and stunning chandeliers. They always deliver a quality product with a fast and efficient team who are always ready with a friendly and helping hand. We are always excited to work with them when we have groups wanting to add some additional space with a unique feel or an eye-catching over-the-top feel. If you are looking for that real WOW factor, be sure to call Rentaland Tents & Events!

Where to start?!! Rentaland Tents and Events has proven to provide consistent and quality work over the years. They offer a wide variety of tent rentals and it helps that their staff is extremely tentative and knowledgeable. Cocktails Catering would highly recommend this company to any of our clients!!

As a wedding planner in the industry, it's my job to make it that much easier for every couple to have the wedding of their dreams. Rentaland was more than willing to help me accomplish this task for a young couple’s upcoming wedding. It was so refreshing to work with a team that is very professional and passionate about what they do. I highly recommend Rentaland. You will not regret making this decision to work with Rentalland in insuring that you will have the wedding of your dreams.

Rentaland Tents & Events is a wedding Rental Company from Orlando. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Kissimmee,, Daytona Beach, Winter Park, WInter Springs, Clermont, Melborn , and Cocoa Beach . Rentaland Tents & Events is a professional wedding rental company that has been part of the Orlando's wedding industry for 20 years. We specialize in Rental for wedding tents, chairs, tables, linen and decor.