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Thank you for checking us out here on WeddingWire.

We are New Jersey Wedding Photographers.

Our Focus is simply taking great images!

Our approach and style is all about clean, sleek, simple, flirty, fun fashion wedding photography.

We want to make the photography part of your wedding enjoyable, easy and worry free.

All you have to think about is that you have chosen the perfect photographer for your wedding.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you have so please feel free to send us an email at punchdrunklovenj@gmail.com




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If you want the best experience of liveliest and the most fun for your wedding pick Stephanie! She will make you feel comfortable and even when your nerves are creeping in... she will make sure you will have fun. Go for it! You have nothing to lose!

Profile Picture Daneika, 8/26/16, 3 Reviews
Category: Photography

Stephanie is absolutely fantastic. Not only does she make everyone feel so comfortable and happy, but her wedding photography is unreal. She has such an artistic and creative eye and will create magic in a photograph. My husband and I were married a few weeks ago and the day was perfect. Stephanie made the whole experience so fun and put us completely at ease. She truly becomes your friend! You can tell she is genuinely happy to be there and truly loves what she does. If you want amazing wedding photos and want to get to know a wonderful person, book Punch Drunk Love Weddings.

Profile Picture Kendall, 9/20/14, 1 Review
Category: Photography

Stephanie is amazing!! She made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. My husband is not one to be photographed and he actually commented about what a great experience it was and how he didn't feel posed or awkward. We only got a sneak peek at a few pictures and they left me speechless! She was a true professional and we could not be happier we went with her.

Profile Picture User3823826, 2+ years ago, 4 Reviews
Category: Photography

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