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About Kloud Nine Photography

We believe photography is about capturing the moment in it's beauty and telling the story beyond!

Kloud Nine Photography is an award-winning wedding photographer and videographer based in Huntington Beach, California. Choose from wedding photography, videography or drone cinematography to elegantly capture your wedding story. Klaudia and her team of wedding professionals will document your wedding day images from start to finish in a traditional style with fun and creative flourishes. Contact Kloud Nine Photography today so they can capture your memorable wedding journey!

Klaudia Seidl is a Southern California-based photographer and videographer. She is skilled in wedding photography, portraiture, event photography and videography. Her style is contemporary, natural and photojournalistic.

Services Offered
Kloud Nine Photography offers a range of photography and videography packages. Wedding services include the following:

  • Additional hours
  • Destination weddings
  • High-res images
  • One event per day
  • Custom graphics
  • Engagement shoot
  • Multiple locations
  • Second shooter
  • Video
  • Slideshow

Categories: Wedding Photographer

Regions serviced: Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego

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Awesome to work with! Attentive to every small detail, yet captures the essence of every event that is filmed. We have commissioned several videos with Klaudia and her team. Hard-working and really easy to work with. There is no one we call for other video work other than Kloud 9. They are always active and engaged-thinking of the next capture. Their videos have dramatically improved our reach to potential clients and in many cases sealed the deal without even talking to clients! If that's not the ultimate advertising benchmark then I don't know what is!

Don't be a cheap-ass. Hire them and stop whining about money. If you are that worried about budget go to McDonald's and get some disposable cameras.

Profile Picture Michael, 8/18/18, 1 Review
Category: Photography, Videography

Klaudia Seidl and her team were so nice and friendly! They took pictures of everything and everyone that was important to me. I couldn't have picked a better team for my big day :)

Photo of Kloud Nine Photography in Huntington Beach, CA
Photo of Kloud Nine Photography in Huntington Beach, CA
Photo of Kloud Nine Photography in Huntington Beach, CA
Profile Picture Samuel, 8/13/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

Kloud Nine Photography Pricing

Wedding Photography Pricing
Starting Price
Starting Price Includes:
1 Event Per Day
Add'l Hours
Custom Graphics
Digital Files
Multi. Locations
Save The Date
Wedding Photography Package Pricing

Kloud Nine Photography FAQ

Additional Hours
Boudoir Shoot
Custom Graphics
Destination / Travel
Engagement Shoot
High-Res Images
Liability Insurance
Multi. Locations
One Event/Day
Second Shooter
Wedding Portraits
Trash The Dress
Digital Files
Save the Date
Thank You Cards
Flush Mount
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6600 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647   See On Map
310-498-3594 (phone)
Kloud Nine Photography is a wedding Photographer, Videographer, from Inland Empire servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Orange County, San Diego County, and Los Angeles County. Kloud Nine Photography is a professional Wedding Photographer, Wedding Videographer that has been part of the Southern California wedding industry since 2013 specializing in Weddings, Weddings Photography, Portrait Photography, Event Photography, Videography.