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Juli Photography provides exquisite worldwide destination and Colorado wedding photography, with a unique approach using photojournalism, urban & traditional styles of photography.  Creating the perfect package for your wedding day is being able to choose anything you want! The album, the proofs, online access, the high resolution images with copyright, and the number of hours of coverage!  You have the ability to pick from any of Julie's packages or customize your wedding photography to fit your day and budget!  Engagement shoots and creative pre-bridal/boudoir shoots and "trash the dress" shoots also available! Experience Juli's artistic touch with gorgeous photographs on your special day!  


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Regions serviced: Denver

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Juli was the perfect photographer for all of our wedding needs. She did our engagement photos, a boudoir photo shoot for me, and our wedding day pictures. During all 3 occasions she was professional, timely, and listened to what I wanted. On our wedding day she helped keep me calm and reassured me that we had enough time for every picture we wanted- and we did. She made sure she got pictures of all the important people I wanted photographed. She was always very fast in her e-mail responses when I had questions for her. I couldn't have asked for a better person to work with!

Profile Picture Anne, 9/26/15, 4 Reviews
Category: Photography

I am more than thrilled with our wedding photographs. Juli Ellen made our wedding into a evening we will enjoy time and time again. She was professional, talented and thoughtful. She was able to capture the gorgeous venue, the emotion of our ceremony and take a family photo with over thirty people. She was easy to work with and it was obvious how much she enjoys her work. I cannot look through our photos enough! Thank you for your wonderful service!

Profile Picture Kelsey , 12/20/14, 10 Reviews
Category: Photography

Juli was wonderful - great with directing photographs and her shots were beautiful. I've already recommended her to friends.

Profile Picture candy, 10/18/14, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography

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Known personally and in business, Julie is an amazing person and photographer. She is a joy to work with. It is our pleasure to have her as a preferred vendor. The Westin Westminster Catering Gals


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