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Two Individuals, One Wedding, Hundreds of Moments...

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We Believe...

Photos should be pretty. 
One photographer is not enough for a wedding.
Photographers should not miss a detail, but not be distracting either. 
Wedding cake should be delicious and we should get a piece. 
Amy loves finding every detail you obsessed over. 
Betsy needs lots of non-portraity portraits to feel happy. 
Scott won't leave the house without being prepared for every possible technical contingency. 

Our Purpose

Hundreds of Moments exists to capture the multiple threads of your story: how time stops while the men saunter behind the scenes & time speeds as the girls are buzzing; how grinning men look like leisure backstage, but business in the ceremony; how women look like business backstage, but smile for the ceremony; how he feels waiting, watching her enter and how she feels, watching him waiting up front. What is there to see? There's his preparation and yours, then his waiting like a portrait and your entrance like an action, then your view of the guests and theirs of you... It's not about quantity of views but about perspective. Whose perspective? Yours- that is, yours plural.


Who are we and how are we different? A tension has grown between the demands on the traditional photographer's single point of view and the modern desire accustomed to views of red carpet and backstage at the same time. People want angles, perspectives, motion, and simultaneous views from inside and out. Depending on what you want, we can tailor a team for it, and we'll position ourselves to stay out of each other's way to cover all the angles.


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Regions serviced: Orlando

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34 Reviews for Hundreds of Moments Photography LLC

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Lauren and Bri did such a wonderful job capturing the precious memories of our wedding day. We are so lucky we found Hundreds of Moments. The photos are absolutely amazing - each filled with emotion and love. It was so easy and a pleasure to work with you both and are so happy with everything!

Profile Picture Jackie, 3/17/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography

Chosing Hundreds of Moments for our engagement session and wedding day was the best decision my husband and I made. They really went the extra mile with our photos. They were very professional, and easy to get in touch with. We even added and extra hour of photos at the last minute and they didn’t mind. Lauren was the photographer we interacted with the most other than Betsy (the owner of the company, who is super amazing btw).
We had never done a photoshoot prior to our engagement session with Lauren and she made us feel so comfortable. She captured my husband and I perfectly! Her pictures and photography style are BEAUTIFUL. I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. She was also the lead photographer during our wedding, and Lindsey was our second photog. Lindsey was equally amazing! Thank you all so much for helping us capture the greatest day our lives!

Photo of Hundreds of Moments Photography LLC in Orlando, FL
Photo of Hundreds of Moments Photography LLC in Orlando, FL
Photo of Hundreds of Moments Photography LLC in Orlando, FL
Photo of Hundreds of Moments Photography LLC in Orlando, FL
Photo of Hundreds of Moments Photography LLC in Orlando, FL - One of my faves
Photo of Hundreds of Moments Photography LLC in Orlando, FL
Photo of Hundreds of Moments Photography LLC in Orlando, FL
Photo of Hundreds of Moments Photography LLC in Orlando, FL
Photo of Hundreds of Moments Photography LLC in Orlando, FL - I hate heels, so naturally..
Photo of Hundreds of Moments Photography LLC in Orlando, FL - We laugh a lot. I’m so happy they got that.
Profile Picture Astrid, 3/2/18, 1 Review
Category: Photography

Photography for your wedding day is one thing you should truly invest in! Quality and detail from a great photographer is a must and with Betsy and her team at Hundreds of Moments you can’t go wrong! My husband and I were elated as we went through the images from our wedding day, reliving our memories as well as moments we didn’t catch. Having a team of two photographers is genius and makes for moments never missed of your big day! We can’t say thank you enough to Hundreds of Moments!

Profile Picture Stephanie, 11/18/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Hundreds of Moments Photography is absolutely amazing. If you want your big day captured by one of the most phenomenal photographers, hire them. Everyone can see just how passionate they are about their work and how important it is for them to capture the most important memories on your special day. The quality of their pictures and service is stunning. We definitely recommend them!

They are so amazing and have quite the eye for detail!

Attention to detail is exactly what Hundreds of Moments Photography specializes in. They aren't just your average photographer. They know just how to capture that special moment you may have not even knew about or knew that they captured on film. It is those kind of pictures, those spontanious shots, that really capture the essence at your wedding or event. Professional, corteous and credible photography and briliant shots for a "picture" perfect wedding occasion. That is what Hundreds of Moments delivers!!! VERN SHANK owner of Pyramid Disc Jockeys, Inc. Since 1988 Toll Free 1.888.D.JOCKEY (1.888.356.2539)

I highly recommend Hundreds of Moments Photography as a great choice for your Wedding photographers. They are friendly, detailed, professional and extremely talented!



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347-725-1272 (phone)