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Love It or Return It
Exclusively Weddings was founded on the promise of providing fanatical customer service. Here's how it happened: Late one evening in 1991, the owner of Elegant Bride magazine received a telephone call from a bride's father.  He was upset because of the poor quality of an item that he bought from an advertiser in the magazine and that the advertiser would not allow a return and refund.  So, she offered him a refund herself, even though he hadn't bought the product from her company. This experience led to the founding of Exclusively Weddings in 1992 and our generous "Love It or Return It" policy, even for personalized items.

Wedding Invitations - Variety and Options
Exclusively Weddings'  invitation assortment was created to offer a wide variety of prices and styles. We have classic invitations that contain beautiful embossing and thermography printing as well as the latest on-trend digital styles. Our exclusive team of talented designers creates a majority of the invitations we offer and they are constantly designing new and innovative invitations for our product line.  All of our invitations can be customized with your choice of font styles, ink colors, and wording, so your invitation will be uniquely yours and one that you will be proud of. And invitations are printed in-house by our skilled press operators. By printing in-house we can make sure the quality is of the highest level.

Free Invitation Samples
Exclusively Weddings offers free invitation samples to help you find "the one"!

Free Catalog
Our 112-page free wedding catalog is a way to relax, take your time and browse through 112 pages of luscious wedding invitations, favors, gifts and accessories. Just about everything you need for your wedding is included!

Our professionally designed pages feature large, beautiful images to put you in the wedding spirit.

Everything You Need
Besides carrying a wide array of Wedding Invitations, Exclusively Weddings has everything else you need for your wedding: Gifts, Favors, and Ceremony and Reception Accessories.

We're Here to Help
You can order your Exclusively Weddings' invitation by phone or from our website. Our customer care team can walk you through the process and help you any questions you may have. Our easy-to-use, secure website offers a preview of how your invitation will look when printed, to give you peace of mind.

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I ordered a personalized whiskey decanter set as a Christmas gift. The quality was exceedingly poor. The glasses had bubbling present inside the glass, the initials on the glasses looked like they were already coming off and the initial on the decanter was not centered. I contacted customer service through email and phone. The email took twos day to get a response (which is stated on the website) but they never replied to my second email. I called them and they were hesitant about refunding me and stated that I had to pay for shipping (which is also stated on the website). I placed this refund request before Christmas and mailed it back around that December 21st. Fast forward to January 10th, I have yet to be refunded and received a new whiskey decanter today. I did Nothing NOT ask for a replacement. I don't recommend this website if you want quality personalized glass items.

Profile Picture User7600336, [Private], 1 Review
Category: Favors & Gifts

They did my invitations and did a wonderful job...

Profile Picture deanna, 7/7/18, 6 Reviews
Category: Invitations

CAUTION: Be sure when you are ordering an item from Exclusively Weddings, you read their return policy carefully, which I obviously did not. I ordered a gift card holder in late January 2017 for a January 2018 wedding. Our color scheme has changed and they will not accept the return of my unused item, still in the original packaging. May I suggest they extend their return policy period. Not happy!

Profile Picture Victoria, 1/27/18, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

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