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The Curtiss Mansion, built in 1925, was the home of Glenn Hammond Curtiss ("The Father of Aviation") and his beloved wife Lena. It has been recently renovated and restored to its original splendor. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Mansion is a gorgeous venue for weddings, commitment ceremonies, celebrations or mitzvahs as well as corporate meetings and events. With unique architectural details and lots of charm, it is the perfect setting for any engaged couple looking for an alternative to the usual.    Centrally located in beautiful Miami Springs, which was founded by Curtiss,  the Mansion is rich in history and very versatile. Multiple spaces are available for indoor and courtyard receptions or outdoor ceremonies, which can be held in the lush shaded grove, in front of a romantic bridge or under the elegant stone archway.    Call us at 305.869.5180 or email events@curtissmansion.org so we can discuss your Beautiful Day! 

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Where do I even begin! The venue is absolutely beautiful! From the 1st time I viewed the mansion, I knew it was the place that I needed to have our wedding. I had many people traveling from out of town so the fact that it was right next door to the airport made everything even more easier for our guests. The venue was a dream come true wedding and more than I could have ever imagined. It fit our theme perfectly and although you do not need a lot of decor (because the place is gorgeous on its own) everything looked breathtaking. Aside from the venue itself - the staff is even more amazing! Sherry and Javi are two of my favorite people! They are so easy to work with and very helpful. I was persistent in having our ceremony behind the mansion and even when there were doubts based on my total number of guests - Sherry assured me that they would make it work. Again I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful wedding and so happy we decided to go with the Curtiss Mansion. Thank you again to the staff that made it all come true ☺️

Profile Picture Cara, 6/8/18, 4 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue, Rehearsal Dinner Location
Services Used: Uncovered Outdoor

Amazing staff and great service! Thank you for making everything so easy! Sherrie, javy and all the staff members were excellent!

Profile Picture Stephany, 5/12/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue, Rehearsal Dinner Location

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Professional Network & Endorsements

We love working with this venue. Curtiss Mansion is a magical place to get married. Dining under the stars makes this venue a unique and romantic place for a wedding. The design of the mansion gives you many options to plan your reception. Sherry and Mansion Crew are hands on, and great to work with.

The Curtiss Mansion is one of the TOP Venues I as a Professional Photographer LOVE to work in and be part of their AMAZING Team for any of their events. I have done many events there from Quinceañera's to Weddings and they are always very professional and organized. Catering to every need of their clients to make them happy. Sherry is amazing to work with and her energy and great demeanor shines right through. I would love to endorse the Curtiss Mansion and recommend this venue for its SERVICE, VENUE DECOR, LOCATION LOGISTICS, and HISTORY. From a photographers eye, the venue fits perfect to photograph BEAUTIFUL and ARTISTIC pictures with it landscapes background of the golf course to creating any Vintage, Mediterranean, or Glamorous style photograph customizing it to any event.

What a great company to work with. We highly recommend.

What an amazing venue to work with. MR. and Mrs. Arroyo couldn't have been happier. The staff is amazing. The venue is gorgeous, and the atmosphere is perfect. Sherry and her staf ar top notch . I can't wait to more events with the Curtiss MAnsion TEam.



500 Deer Run, Miami, FL 33166   See On Map
305-869-5180 (phone)