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Turning your dreams into masterpieces – one flower at a time.

Designer / Owner, Dina Daddario, looks at every wedding not only as an event but views it as a memory creation that every bride can cherish forever. When you think about it, every detail is critical to a holistic success. And one of the most viewed factors, other than the bride, are bouquets, ceremony flowers and centerpieces. As Dina puts it, “I look at every wedding as a total visual experience that should touch the very heart of every attendee.” 

Along with her staff at Agnew Florist, assure that every concept, every floral design, every single flower and component carries a commitment to offer an atmosphere of creatively fresh ideas. Because the entire staff intimately understands the many nuances that brides deal with, they have developed a process that is virtually stress free and anticipates what the bride has in mind. Agnew’s floral solutions make the wedding ceremony, and through to the last departure, a visual enhancement of the bride and groom. Guests are surrounded in beauty and a sense of freshness: as new as the bride and groom.

Since 1930, Agnew Florist has been family-owned and operated. They are located in a 2,000 plus sq. ft. Main Street office in Connecticut. As a floral designer (certified in wedding design from the New York Botanical Gardens Association), Dina Daddario thrives on working alongside every bride to be. She provides and atmosphere of quiet and comfort, a critical factor for the bride.

“We have always focused on providing floral and gift solutions that naturally encourage a sense of happiness in people, and events through a well designed visual beauty in the venue, regardless of size of location,” said Dina, “and we attend professional training seminars to stay current with the latest trends and industry developments. Dina and the Agnew staff are always prepared to help make floral selection a personal and satisfying experience without any added stress.

Looking through bride magazines is one thing, but whatever you fancy, there’s nothing like the level of creativity and personal service you need, and Agnew’s one-on-one interaction makes all the difference. “We help remove wedding stress, at least in our area of influence,” Dina said.

Agnew Florist delivers weddings to the entire state of Connecticut!

 Please call (860) 945-0647 or email dina@agnewflorist.com to set up an appointment for your free consultation.





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After running into an issue with a different florist, I found Agnew Florist through The Knot and was immediately put at ease by Dina, the owner. She happily stepped up in my time of need and ensured that my wedding flowers would be just perfect. She did not disappoint!

After visiting the beautiful shop and sitting down with Dina, I knew that she totally understood my vision. She took time to go through different flowers and options with me and look through my Pinterest pictures. She was quick to answer my questions through email or over the phone.

Most importantly, on the day of my wedding, the flowers were ON TIME and exactly what we had discussed. They were beautiful and just what I had hoped for.

My wedding flowers were so very important to me and Agnew Florist worked with my budget to help my simple venue space come alive. I'm so happy that I chose Agnew Florist for my wedding.

Photo of Agnew Florist in Watertown, CT - Centerpiece
Photo of Agnew Florist in Watertown, CT - Bouquet
Profile Picture Meighan, 6/23/18, 1 Review
Category: Flowers
Services Used: Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Table Arrangements, Corsages

Agnew Florist was a great choice. When describing my vision to Dina, I wasn't sure what I would get. Dina was able to make my flowers perfect. Just as I envisioned. Dina is professional and always willing to make as many changes as you need without issue.

Photo of Agnew Florist in Watertown, CT
Profile Picture Sandra, 11/4/17, 5 Reviews
Category: Flowers
Services Used: Consultations, Delivery, Set Up, Aisle Decor, Altar Decor, Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Table Arrangements, Corsages

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587 Main Street, Watertown, CT 06795   See On Map
860-945-0647 (phone)
Agnew Florist is a wedding Florist from Connecticut servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Litchfield, Fairfield, and New Haven. Agnew Florist is a professional wedding Florist that has been part of the Connecticut wedding industry since 1930 specializing in Bouquets, Ceremony Flowers and Center Pieces.