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Wedding photography has been a part of Adriane's life story since 2004. In her years as a wedding photographer, Adriane has consistently gone far beyond her duties behind the camera. Her overall desire is for someone's chapter, entitled, "Happily Ever After," to start off with a memorable wedding day story. She has always found herself exploring new and different aspects of the wedding industry in hopes of not only offering affordable and beautiful photography that tells the story of your special day, but a fun and exciting wedding day experience. A spur of the moment decision by a bride inspired Adriane to invest in a photo booth in 2016, and after so many brides telling her she needed to find a way to become a wedding planner, she started The Wedding Advocates.


Prices are based on the amount of hours of photo coverage you will need for you event. This also includes a thumb drive of High Resolution JPGs that are edited and color corrected, as well as an online gallery to share with your family and friends. You will also receive a copyright release that will allow you to print and display your images however you see fit.

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Regions serviced: Chicago

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She is so friendly and professional. Loved to work with her. She were so flexible and helpful.

Profile Picture Ivonne, 1/20/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography

Our pictures turnes out phenomenally. We never expected not only a high level of photography, we also received a high level of professionalism.

Profile Picture Rocky, 11/5/16, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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Wedding Photography Pricing
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Starting Price Includes:
1 Event Per Day
Digital Files
Engagement Shoot
Save The Date
Wedding Photography Package Pricing
Photobooth Pricing
3 Hour Package
Starting from $449.00
3 Hour Package Includes:
CD/DVD of Images
Enclosed Booth
Flip Book
Most Popular Package:
Most Popular Package Includes:
CD/DVD of Images
Enclosed Booth
Flip Book
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Event Rental Prices Include:
Clean Up
Set Up
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Additional Hours
Destination / Travel
Engagement Shoot
High-Res Images
Liability Insurance
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One Event/Day
Second Shooter
Trash The Dress
Wedding Portraits
Boudoir Shoot
Custom Graphics
Digital Files
Flush Mount
Matted Prints
Save the Date
Thank You Cards
Aisle Markers
Aisle Runners
Audio Equipment
Chair Covers
Dance Floor
Lounge Furniture
Tent Accessories
CD/DVD of Images
Enclosed Booth
Social Media Integration
Flip Book
Rehearsal Dinner
Budget Analysis
Day-Of Coord.
Event Design
Full Planning
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Double Weddings
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1 Wedding Deal & Discount

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Free Engagement Portrait Session

$150.00 Value | Promo Code: FreeEngagement
Free engagement portrait session at your choice of location when you book your wedding with Adriane Dean Photography!

Professional Network & Endorsements

Adriane is a fantastic photographer! She works well with other vendors and is extremely professional. I know when I see her at a venue that I have nothing to worry about and it is gonna be a fun night!


Chicago, IL 60626   See On Map
773-709-6984 (phone)
Adriane Dean Photography is a wedding photographer from Chicago servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Wiconsin, Indiana, and Michigan. Adriane Dean Photography is a professional photographer that has been part of the Illinois wedding industry since 2004 specializing in unique wedding photography.