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Awards | "Best Outdoor Reception Site" | "Best New Venue" | "Best Menu Innovation" | "Best Caterer"

“Instead of designing the event around the building, we designed the building around the event.”

The magic of A'BULAE comes from people who are immersed in weddings and special events. A’BULAE is Minnesota’s first fully integrated event space that brings together people, events, and state-of-the-art technology.

In a beautiful loft-style space overlooking St. Paul, you and your guests will have an experience like no other. Our integrated light, sound, and digital technology will offer you endless opportunities to personalize the space.

The gorgeous high-end furnishings and finishes combined with award-winning food and the most up-to-date digital technology will engage and delight everyone!

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Categories: Wedding Venue

Regions serviced: Minneapolis

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24 Reviews for A'BULAE

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My husband and I were just married at A'BULAE this month and couldn't not have asked for a better experience. They totally take the reins and help you pull off a spectacular event. Nancy and Denise make sure everything runs smoothly so you don't have to. This venue has it all: style, beauty and technology that make the event more than you
could have ever asked for. We couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else!

Profile Picture Hannah, 3/10/17, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

The tour itself was more professional and personal than other venues. You could tell Nancy appreciated the venue herself and took pride in A'BULAE. The responses from A'BULAE were quick and if someone didn't know the answer, they would find someone that did and either call back or put me on a brief hold. With everything going on and all of the things a couple has to think about when planning their wedding, I felt overwhelmed until I found that Nancy and Jenna could guide with such ease. The food was fabulous. We heard from many of our guests that it was the best wedding food they have had. The staff was professional and brought the food in a timely manner. The bartenders were extremely busy but did their best to serve everyone. Event flow was flawless. The on-site coordinator was the best of the best. Thanks, Jenna! We had such a fabulous time. You did an amazing job of assuring the day went without a glitch. The amount of compliments we received on how well organized the wedding was by you is crazy. We really REALLY appreciate your help and would definitely recommended A'BULAE to any couple looking for a venue. We would also like to make a special note about the bartender, Charlie. There was a little miscommunication but he went above and beyond to sort it out and was extremely professional and really stood out as a valuable employee. Please pass our appreciation on to him (or Denise). We couldn't be more satisfied with how the day turned out and we have you, bellagala and the mintahoe staff to thank for that.

Profile Picture Katie, 1/28/17, 4 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

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220x220 sq 1454424241121 bridesroom008
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220x220 sq 1454424403135 bridesroom028
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220x220 sq 1454424514004 bridesroom042
220x220 sq 1454424532487 bridesroom044
220x220 sq 1454424539821 bridesroom045
220x220 sq 1454424546932 bridesroom046
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220x220 sq 1454424595855 bridesroom052
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220x220 sq 1454424613405 bridesroom054
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220x220 sq 1454424627879 bridesroom056
220x220 sq 1454424634150 bridesroom057
220x220 sq 1454424639905 bridesroom058
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220x220 sq 1454424873202 bridesroom087
220x220 sq 1454424882233 bridesroom088
220x220 sq 1454424894877 bridesroom089
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220x220 sq 1454424927385 bridesroom092
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Professional Network & Endorsements

A'Bulae is such a fun venue! Filming events here always makes for an awesome video. Def. one for your shortlist!

A'BULAE is beautiful! The convenience of having both your ceremony and reception in the same location makes your big day easy and hassle-free. The staff and connections this venue has is unlike any other, making your experience and wedding day exactly how you imagined.

A"BULAE is an amazing new venue located in Lowertown, St. Paul. This one-of-a-kind space was designed by wedding professionals, housing some of the best views of downtown St. Paul, gorgeous floor to ceiling windows, an amazing bridal suite and groom's room, and a rooftop terrace for ceremonies and cocktail hours! We highly recommend A'BULAE to be the host for your special day! You're sure not to forget it! Call 651-227-1202 or email info@abulae.com.

Experience the magic of A'BULAE, Minnesota's newest, and first, fully integrated event space! Complete with state-of-the-art technology, high-end decor and furnishings, interactive services, rooftop terrace, and award-winning cuisines, A'BULAE can create the perfect event you've been looking for! This beautiful loft style building is located in Lowertown St. Paul. Visit www.abulae.com for more information on this amazing new venue!


255 6th Street E. 6th Floor, Saint Paul, MN 55101   See On Map
651-788-9818 (phone)