Wording for In lieu of favors, a donation in honor of....
Does anyone have any good language for a donation to a Cancer Charity as a wedding favor???

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Hayley C™
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These are on the 50 free rack cards from Vistaprint. You can have a menu or a thank you-welcome letter on the back

50 free rack cards = $7.84
cost $3.00 for colored back side plus $4.84 for 21 day delivery

With much thought and consideration,
we have chosen a special way to say “Thank You”
for sharing our wedding day with us.
In commemoration of our wedding day,
we have made a donation to

The _______ Society
And the
_________ Association.

These donations are made in your honor

In loving memory of
Bob Smith ..... Grandfather of the Bride
Tom Jones ..... Grandfather fo the Bride
Mary Thomas .... Grandmother of the Groom

We feel the finest gift is one,
which helps others live longer and healthier lives.
We truly appreciate your being
part of our lives and this special day.

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In lieu of traditional favors, we are making a donation to (insert charity name) in honor of (name)
~Colleen & hubby
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Hayley-those cards are free on VP?

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As a memorial to our loved one who could not share in our special day, we ask that a donation in __________ honor be made to _____________ in lieu of gifts.


We feel so Blessed to have found each other and full of joy that you will be sharing in our special day. Nothing would bring greater joy to us than to have those we love honor the loved one(s) whose absence will be felt during this special time, we would be humbled if a donation to ________ is made in his/her name in lieu of a gift.

Just a couple of ideas.

I love those cards Haley and the wording.
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Hayley C™
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With the right sales link... yes, they give away 50 free rack cards just pay s&h

Links and Ideas to VP can always be found on my profile. (I'm kinda the local VP expert)


1 free pen
10 free note cards (table #'s, just buy numerical stickers to number them)
1 free wall calendar
1 free note pad (same size as postcard envelopes if you want to get it to line the envelopes)
25 small magnets
1 XL magnet (just married for car)
25 free brochures (itinerary, programs)
50 free rack cards (itinerary, programs, menu, welcome letters)
100 free postcard (Save the Date, rsvp, map inserts, thank you cards)
50 free xL postcards (same size as invites)
140 free return labels
1 free lawn sign
250 premium business cards (favor tags, tags for well wishes tree)
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