what song can i walk down the aisle to?
i want to walk down the aisle to something other than here comes the bride but not like a pop song. i want something classy and traditional but not here comes the bride....any thoughts?

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Big and Rich put out an instrumental version of "Lost in This Moment" which in my opinion, is PERFECT since its about THAT moment.

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i am not doin the here comes the bride bc i aint wearing white that is the reason why i am nto doing it. and plus i always pictured myself walking down to either from this moment from shania twain (there is a pop version of it i think unless it is just country dont quote me on that). or keith urban (bc that is my all time favb male singer) your everything....but i had choosen from this moment.

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Canon in D by Pachbel is my favorite. I will walk down the aisle to it as well

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I am going to walk down the aisle to an acoustical version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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This is an area I have had several discussions about. The traditional Wedding March is only traditional because Queen Victoria wanted it for her wedding. Ever since, it has been the main processional. If you know the story of the opera the Wedding March comes from, you would never want it for your ceremony. Personally, my favorite processional is Canon in D by Pachelbel. The tempo is perfect for the processional and it is a stately, dignified piece. This is just my personal opinion, and most people are not familiar with the story behind that piece of music. A terrific recessional is Ode to Joy. Just a suggestion.
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My two favorites will be anything by Kenny G or "At Last" by Etta James.

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what about "Can't Help Falling In Love"?

try to search for a song at www.myweddingmusical.com

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Ave Maria

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How weird do you all think it would it be for a bride to walk to Ave Maria (Not Catholic, but LOVE that piece.) if her name is Maria??

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Mrs. Palmer I listned to that song Pachelbel Canon in D. I now have made up my mind! Thank's for posting it!

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We are using Kenny Latimore/Chante "I Say I Do"and when I begin my march we are using "Kissing You" by Des'ree (Romeo and Juliet)

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I have put together a list of wedding songs in my blog. I know that there are a lot of choices, my personal favourite is the last one Bach – Air on G String

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