What color shoes with turquoise color dresses
The bridesmaids are wearing turquoise colored dresses and brides dress is ivory lace over champagne. Bride wants gold colored shoes. What is best color for bridesmaids - a light gold????

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sure or silver would be nice....my mom is wearing a teal dress and her silver heels look great with it

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I would go with a silver color shoe

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my bridesmaids are also wearing turquoise dresses and they are wearing white sandals with silver. it works for us because the wedding is in the summer and it is an outside wedding

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My BM's also wore teal, but their shoes were black. I thought it was nice with our evening wedding.

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Silver would look great with teal but gold can work if its apart of your color scheme. I understand that you don't want them in silver and you in gold. That can be difficult since the bride wears white/ ivory and the wedding party other colors. It all depends on your other wedding colors...

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I meant turquoise...not teal...
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My bm wore teal dresses with silver shoes. But I think gold would look better if the bride is wearing ivory and champagne. But a light gold, nothing too yellow or flashy. Like a taupy-gold. :)

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This sounds like xactly what I am doing for my wedding. My bridesmaids are wearing turquoise colored dresses as well and they are all wearing silver shoes. And I am the bride wearing an ivory colored dress with beading and I am wearing gold shoes! I do not think that the brides shoes and bridesmaids shoes have to be the same color. I hope this helps!

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I personally think gold or champagne gold would look a lot better with a turquoise dress. I am not a fan of gold, which is why I would go with champagne gold.

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my first choice would be silver but i would have to say the more of the beige gold would be pretty also but silver would be the best i think
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I would think you could go with a champagne gold, opal or silver colored shoe. They would all go nice with a turquoise colored dress. Congrats and Good Luck!

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Im also wearing ivory and my colors are Pool Blue (similar to Turquoise) and a Sand color for the MOH. So Im having the bridesmaids just wear a natural or neutral sandy color sandals....also so that they can use them again


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Coral is Gorgeous with Turquoise!
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