Virtual Bouquet?
My mom all of the sudden has decided to pay for my bouquet. This was totally out of the blue and I tried to tell her no, but she's not having it! We still plan on planting flowers in our wedding colors in her garden where we will be married, but not using them for any bouquets like I had planned. Don't get me wrong! I am very thankful that she has decided to do this, but now I am totally stuck! I had envisioned kind of what I wanted to make, but the flowers I wanted aren't typical for a florist to use that way.

My question is are there any good sites that either has a design your own virtual bouquet, or someplace with a large variety of pics?

I found one site but it had kind of a lame set up for the virtual thing. I've seen some beautiful ones on here too! I just kind of want to be able to design it. It's one of the reasons I was going the route I was trying to go.

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I personally used google images. I googled red and white bouquets, Small white flowers, Etc. Until I found pictures of things I liked and followed their links. I showed the images to the florist and she worked with me from there. Hopefully there is an easier site though and I just did it the hard way :)

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I looked at some pics on google and other sites too. I was just hoping that there were other sites like the one I found. But it was really cheesy! You could only group bunches of flowers together and they looked blurry!

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Same for me. I just Googled until I found something pretty close to what I wanted and showed the pics to the florist.

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What kind of flowers are you trying to put in this virtual bouquet?

and has lots of images if you want to pull a ton of the images off and then group them on your own.

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Designed by the Bride, Central Park and Links 2 Love allow you to build your own bouquet while choosing from a variety of available flowers

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