The most memorable thing I've EVER seen at a wedding was.......
Just for fun: what is the most memorable , fun, or different thing you've ever seen at a wedding? Or what is something you're planning that you hope makes a mark on your guests?

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Amy A.
Married: 08/31/2013
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Mrs Roberts
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Honestly.. Nothing.. Ive been to 5 different weddings and nothing seemed different or exciting for me..

Candice B.
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Oh, I am having a caricature artist, but that has been done before. Hope that makes a memorable moment for my guests.
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i don't know if this was memorable or not but me and my sister liked it, a few years ago my uncle and his wife had a comedian at the reception who told their story from when they first met til then. It was tastefully done and really cute, they even had a slide show with pictures to go along with it. I did like that they did it while the food was being served so I didn't have to starve lol

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Nothing stands out!? Really? Geesssshhh.... We spend so much time on all of the little details and they probably don't even matter!

I'm going to have a chest full of glow in the dark stuff so the DJ can hype of the fun and dancing. Open bar, band, glow sticks-- if nothing else, it better be fun!!

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I asked this question a couple of weeks ago. Someone said they went to a wedding with half-naked "angel" people suspended from the ceiling. Pretty sure that's not toppable. Lol

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At my fiance's twin sister's wedding the mother-son dance was hilarious. They had a home video of him on a huge screen when he was like 5 dancing and then he and his mother came running in from out of nowhere and started dancing the same dance in front of all the guests. It was pretty funny. But maybe it could of been all the booze I had consumed at that point ;)

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Memorable for the reason reason..Not a good thing, something that went wrong. They opted for an Ipod dock for music and the highest volume was so low that you couldn't hear their first dance :(. I saved the day by going home and getting a D-Walt radio (construction radio), those things are LOUD!

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Lynzey- nothing can EVER top that..that's creepy!

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@candice that is very cool! I've heard someone have an oil painting made of the ceremony that would be awesome too--- not sure how to find someone though!

@nena-- that sounds very different and fun!

@lynzey! I figured someone would have asked something similar but I couldn't find it! naked Angels--- that's pretty crazy! Not sure I could too that. Lol--- but it would be nice to do something that made things a little extra special
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Well, there was the backyard biker wedding I officiated.

There have been sobbing grooms a couple of times.

There was the wedding on the beach the day before a storm and the photographer & I got free microdermabrasion!

There was the vow renewal on the beach the day after a storm and DH had to hold onto the arch to keep it from blowing away.

Oh, yes, the disaster with the fish centerpieces! Sushi, anyone?

Out the Window
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Is it a bad sign if I REALLY have to dig deep just to think about the weddings I've attended? I agree with Amy V. I haven't been really wow'ed with anything. I do get excited when there is a seafood bar....

Just Reenski
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I mean, there have been memorable things/reasons... my BFF had ridiculously beautiful vows, another friend had a very meaningful Greek Orthodox tradition within her ceremony, I walked out to Lauryn Hill... but while these things are memorable to ME, due to my relationship with the people getting married, I wouldn't say any of them blew me out of the water.

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This was memorable, and not in a good way. . .it took one groom a reaaaallllly long tmie to take the garter off for the toss.

Laura Nicole
Married: 10/13/2013
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I've been to some really fun, beautiful weddings, but I have to agree with most other people and say that I don't think anything's ever really blown me away as incredibly unique.

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Probably at my cousins wedding when they passed out burritos at the end of the night. They had an open bar so you can imagine all the drunkies. The burritos were to “sober” everyone up, a drunk snack. It was pretty awesome.

Married: 08/03/2013
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I've seen the groom and his ushers (GM) all do the full monty - something I didn't really want to see
I've seen a MOG dress in mourning clothes as she didn't agree with the wedding
I've seen on of the members of Feeder (the band) grab a guitar and start singing
I've see the singer of Nena (of 99 luftballons) and got to talk to her at the reception (!)
oh and a priest having a heart attack

of decor and the like:

When we were given goat to eat
The steel drum players
The glow sticks, necklaces and others they gave us to wear and dance in

Married: 09/07/2013
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The most memorable thing I've ever seen was definitely not planned and sister's step son was the ring bearer and he lost the groom's ring. It was an outdoor wedding in thick grass and it was never found even after hours of searching with a metal detector. I felt so bad for them :(

Mrs. ALM
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Apr 30, 2013 at 4:47 PM • 
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When our friends got married last August that was pretty different from anything I had ever seen. Bride wore black, BM wore white, it poured down rain (outdoor ceremony in her parents' back yard), but the bride refused to move it to the church she grew up in (said she rather die than get married in a church - even though she is studying to be ordained a minister in that denomination), she refused to let her mother, the officiant say anything that denoted any kind of what she called "religious" language - we're still confused by thi - she was walked up the hill to the altar by all the men in her life (like a combo of 8 brothers, dad, stepdads, uncles, etc.), there was broom jumping and handfasting which I had seen before, but I have never seen a couple eat an apple together while the minister read a REALLY LONG poem, while we all stood in the pouring RAIN.
It was definitely the most unique wedding I have seen, but it was a lot of fun!
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