Slow Songs at Reception
Typically, how many slow songs are normally played for a 4 hour reception?

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Your dj should be able to help you. I honestly cant remember one slow song other than ours, father/daughter, mother/son and anniversary dance.

Princess Bride
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would like to have at least 8 slow songs but sees a lot so I'm breaking it at least 4 songs

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I wouldnt have too many if there is a lot of guests without dates. sometimes it makes ppl feel uncomfortable. normal weddings ive been to have the usual father daughter, anniversary, and then maybe one more. two at most. :) good luck!
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It varies with the age of your guests, the order of events and quite a few other factors. But as long as you're not dealing with a club DJ or someone similar who's only idea is to keep the dance floor packed and hopping....

A typical 4 hour reception - once you have cocktails, dinner, the ceremonial dances, etc - you're looking at about 2 hour of straight up dancing (more for longer receptions). During that time, it varies but I'd plan on probably 4 slow dances - probably 2 at a time - not including any other 'games' or 'planned dances'. It could be more or less depending on other factors and what your idea of 'slow' is.

If you're doing an anniversary dance you'll add another slow dance or two to that.

Don't forget there are other dances that may be shared by everyone which may add to the number overall. Things like the last dance - which may or may not be shared.

Lots of variables... but 2-4 per hour or so would be a good guess after cocktails/dinner.
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Thats a tough question to answer because across the country receptions can differ so much.. and each reception is so different.
In Alberta, Canada, a typical wedding Reception goes from 6 pm to 1:00 am.. with about 4 to 5 hours of dancing..
I usually play two songs of "ballads" or slow songs after I have played all the other genres (rock/dance/country, etc) and then repeat the whole thing again.. so, on avg I would say 2 ballads per hour? give or take a few depending on the crowd..

If your doing the Ipod thing, i would suggest you need at least 10 really good slow slongs.

Rev. Dee

Rev. Dee
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There are a lot of questions here. Depends on the time of day, for one thing, and the venue, and the number of people. Sometimes elaborate musical and dance plans are scrapped at the last minute because no one feels like dancing! Or maybe that's just here in California! At any rate, let the DJ or band know your concerns and get some input. I'd say a couple of slow dances for ceremonial purposes, and then gear the rest of the music to the taste of the couple and their "crowd." Best of luck and blessings on your wedding!
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