RSVP envelopes
So all the RSVP envelopes are to be mailed back to us for the wedding, what names do you put on the envelope?

We were planning on putting:

The Future Mr & Mrs Anderson
City, State zip

This seem ok?

Also, do you have to put the person's name as the return address?

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Generally, response cards are addressed to whomever is handling the guest list. Even though I live with my FH, ours were addressed to me.
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That all depends if you live together. What is you return address on the outer envelope of your invitation?

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Outer envelope also says The Future Mr and Mrs Anderson (yes, we live together)

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Our outter envelopes just had the return address printed on the back flap. The RSVP envelopes were addressed to me. We didn't live together before the wedding and I didn't want to give that impression by putting both of our names on the env so since I was handling the invitations...I used my first initial last name and then the address.

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Mine didn't have a name no space for that. I just had our addreess on it

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Oh and no you don't need to put the person's name/address on the return address. Although I did have a few people who wrote theirs in or attached a label.

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My daughters RSVPs are coming to me (I am the contact with the hotel where the wedding and reception will be) and the address on the back of the envelope is her Dad's home, in case people want to send gifts.

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I just put:

Husband's last name
city, state zip

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I put both of our names on ours. We own a home together, so I never even thought of doing it any other way.

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I'm using my name since I'm the manager of our team. Lol.

Nika Paperworks LLC

Nika Paperworks LLC
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for my wedding I used the same wording you chose. The Future Mr. & Mrs. Zagula, I actually heard back from people on how cute they thought that was.

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I just used my name and address.

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Im using The Future Mr. & Mrs. Keith. We already live together and it's both of our wedding so that is why I am doing that

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The RSVP envelopes are addressed to me, even though we do live together. I'm more organized than he is and am in charge of the guest list. The return address on the invitation envelope is simply our address, no name. I do not plan on putting a return address on the RSVP envelopes.

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I'm with digi - who ever is handling the guest list should have their name on there... also I think who ever is hosting the wedding should have their name on there... My parents are paying for the wedding, therefore hosting it. so the RSVP have my parents names, and their address... It also says on the invitations "Mr. and Mrs. Smith request the pleasure of your company..." So it would be weird to send the RSVP's to me... and no you don't have to put the guest return address on the envelope... that would take forever!

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I put both of our last names and then our address.

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I put just my name!! We love together but i am the organized one!! LOL

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Our RSVP envelopes have my name on it and our new address. I will be keeping track of the list. My mom said people would need our address in case they needed an address to send gifts (my parents live in another state).

My parents' street, city and state are on the back flap (return address) of the outer label - no name.

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I'm wondering the same thing. Parent's are paying for it, but FH & I live with my parents. So either way, it's the same address, I just don't know what name to put. My invitations will say Mr & Mrs (my parents) request the honor blah blah blah, so I'm thinking maybe to them. Idk yet!
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