Peacock Feathers Centerpiece Ideas
I'm at a lost at the moment on what I should do with my centerpieces using peacock feathers. Im trying not to have a ton of flowers ( I think its over rated since they can get expensive) and wanting to do something fun an unique for my wedding. I'm doing lanterns for some tables with a peacock wreath then I have 8' cylinder vases and have no idea what to do with them. I was thinking of branches but since I need about 10 the manzanita branches can get pricey. I'm trying to do things with a VERY small budget. So ladies what ideas can you give me? I'm looking to see what I can fill the vases with and not go for broke. Thanks in advance ;)

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have you thought of trimming the quill on the peacock feathers and using something to sink them down and submerge them in water and put a floating candle at the top? or fill the vase with layers of fish gravel in your colors and have the peacock feathers coming out of the top and a few votives around the base for the lighted effect? let us know when you figure out what you're going to do.. love hearing how things turn out!

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I think it would look great to have a tall cylindrical vase and put some decorative rocks in the bottom, then arrange a few peacock feathers to come out of the top. You can also wrap a ribbon around the vase to tie in color.


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I don't know how budget friendly peacock feathers are, but you could lay them flat on the table to create a mat or overlay of sorts with the cylinder in the center with a floating candle. You need to keep in mind the 18" rule of really shouldn't have anything big between 18" - 24" that might block the view of your guests. It seems that an 8" vase with any feathers or branches coming out would obscure the view. I agree with the pp about wraping the vase with ribbon.

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We are using peacock feathers in our wedding. Our FGs are using the peacock eyes to throw down,etc. Anyway we were going to use betta fish and have a peacock feather come out of that. But we changed our minds.

FYI: Peacock feathers symbolize marriage :)
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I had a friend (who was an artist, and very creative) actually have her mom pick up long sticks out of the yard and use those as center pieces. I am not even joking, and they looked AWESOME. She did other really clever stuff, like cutting artichokes into candle holders and making her bouquet out of peonies out of the yard, and seriously, it was a beautiful wedding and reception. There might be stuff just laying around that you can use. :) And I don't know, sand could be a good option too, especially since you can get it in so many colors. I can totally see filling up a vase with some sand and sticking a few peacock feathers out of the top--everyone will rave over how creative you are. :)

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i was thinking about using peacock feathers but it wont work with my theme ( i gettin married on the beach ) i just thought it would be cute to have something dealin with peacock feathers only because thats going to be my last name
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Dancefrog1 - I love that name. go to You can get peacock feathers from them. You can buy first quality or ones that aren't quite perfect. I found them when I was looking for cat toys!
You can get the full "eye" or what they call swords - mix them. They are very reasonable when you buy in bulk.

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Place one water proof LED light in each vase. You can get 10 lights for $25 on the site below. You can cover the light with fishtank glass beads. A blue light would look nice with clear or white beads. White light w. colored beads.
Add a few feathers to each vase and secure with glass beads.Consider also adding a few inexpensive flowers to fill in the extra space. White carnations bunched together would set off the color of the feathers and add elegance. These are durable, inexpensive flowers, but pack a punch when bunched. Order these wholesale. Plan for 15-20 per vase. Shop around online, these flowers should only cost you $100-150 for 120-130 blooms. You can also get fake flowers which can look just as good if not better.

Inexpensive Carnations:

LED lights:

Pic of LED light in centerpiece:

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08/17/2010 at 07:04 pm
I have 10 beautiful peacock centerpieces in large elongated glass vases. The vases are filled with rocks,peacock feathers,flowers, and greenery! A few of them also have Peacocks in them (tasteful fake birds with long peacock feathers peaking out of a few of the centerpieces). I also have 4 incomplete centerpieces (they have all the fillers but need vases, as I had them in borrowed vases and had to return them to a friend.) Also I have 2 smaller fatter vases that have the same fillers that we used as decor in the church. I have a few pictures of the centerpieces if you would like to see them, please send me and email and I will forward them on... I would like to get about $150 for the lot, but will entertain other offers! Please email me with additional questions or for the pictures! I have located in Erie PA, so if necessary I can ship them at cost! My email is....
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