I cannot find deep purple/eggplant/plum satin ribbon anywhere! It is all more on the bright purple side. Any ideas?

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You know whats funny. My wedding colors are White and Eggplant and my Wedding date is 10*2*10 isin't it ironic?? Hobby lobby has tons!! Thats where I got ALL mine at!!!

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my color is also eggplant...found lots of ribbon at wal mart...

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Hobby Lobby's is a bright eggpplant :(
I will check out wal-mart. Thanks for your posts. My florist is also looking.

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Here's one from Joann's and you can order on line. They have regal purple and purple.
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Try a local wholesale florist. They will sometimes sell to the public.

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here are 2 sites i found... i am looking for that color too and i believe i found some on here.
good luck

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Bed Bath and Beyond wraps all their gifts in Purple ribbon. They may be willing to let you purchase some or tell you where they get it from. If you have one in your area register there. That was not my color but it was so nice to have a table full of purple and white boxes and bags at my shower. People will think you planed it that way

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As per your needs. all colors available here
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