Military Cake Toppers
Help I am looking for cheaper miltary cake toppers for our army weddingin June..anyone have any ideas? Also looking for unique ideas for the sign in book and different ways people can sign in!! Thanks

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Shae's Event Resources

Shae's Event Resources
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tylers future wife
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Try or ebay. . . .I'm on a search for a bride pinching a firemans butt. There's also a website called Good Luck!

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This one lets you customize every little thing:
Here are a few more:

I am trying to find more... Like affordable ones! But I am having a really hard time! What branch is he in?

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Oops... here's the last one

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What branch is he in? The Marines have all the good ones!

Tyrone Blue Entertainment

Tyrone Blue Entertainment
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Ladies... we have vendors right here on WW. Why not check with them first and support the sponsors. Here's a geat one... I've seen her work, and it's very affordable, and beautiful.

Tyrone Blue Entertainment

Tyrone Blue Entertainment
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I forgot to mention... she does custom work too.

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Feb 13, 2010 at 3:53 PM • Flag As Inappropriate this website has the cheapest so far for the military cake tops. I am getting married in June and my fiance wants the army groom cake topper, only he is wearing the army greens and not dress blues.. so it has been difficult to find a cake topper that is not the dress blues. good luck!

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tyrone, while those are some GORGEOUS toppers for the price, you must've missed the ENTIRE point of the conversation. these bride's want servicemen/bride figurines. nothing on wiredup, came anywhere close. i'm starting to ponder some of the participation of vendors in threads, especially when brides either don't know, or post quikcly, to NOT include vendors on our site...

ladies, you're right, the USMC has the best toppers, and idk why that is. although, the MC has the funniest, the Navy has the sweetest, and it's hard to find the "right one" in an air force or army or coast guard topper. idk why, such is life...

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*before someone says something, i mean vendors FROM our site, posting ON threads, sorry about that

I Yee Yee
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I hope this doesn't sound tacky, but what about army men? Instead of doing a his an hers cake, my brother and SIL did a half and half. Her half was decorated with flowers. So was the top. The back side, however, was made too look like a little military tank blew a hole in it and had army men crawling out! Honestly, it was pretty cool!

Tyrone Blue Entertainment

Tyrone Blue Entertainment
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Soon - I read it all... she was asking for ideas (did you miss that?). And, she asked for ideas on the sign in book. The vendor I directed her to does that... and so much more that isn't pictured on her site.

She does custom figures... all you had to do was ask her... she's an artist who does custom work... maybe you missed that too.

Sorry Megan, if my post offended you.

If Megan didn't want vendor comments, then she can push the "NO" for vendors. Sorry you were offended... that's what I get for trying to help... I shall consider myself spanked by Soon.

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@ Soon2BMrsP

You said the Navy has the sweetest ones... Can you send me any links to good Navy cake toppers? I'm having a hard time finding them!

Thank you! (:
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