Malibu blue or Turquoise
Ok...I am getting married in May of 2012 and my colors are gonna be blue and I am at a cross between Malibu blue and yellow...or Turquoise and yellow...please help which would be better

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Arent they basically the same color blue?

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Might be a troll.

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I like the Malibu blue it is really nice I went to my cousins wedding about a month ago and they used Malibu blue and Chocolate it was really pretty together

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I think they are basically the same color cause I am goin with that color. @ David's bridal, they call it Malibu Blue, but at the place we got our bridesmaids dresses(Formally Yours), they just called it turqoise. & the green I am using, they called Apple at Formally Yours, and Clover at David's. I think it looks more like Clover, not Apple, but whatever. Different places have different names.

Married: 05/11/2013
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Thanks ladies...I think i'm gonna go with Malibu it's a little more springy than Turquoise...however; they are very similar in said by Ms. Jaclyn B. they are the same colors with different names. Anyway, thanks for the advice. Best wishes to all of u.

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I like malibu... more contrast, since turqoise typically has more of a green-ish undertone.

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Malibu blue reminds me more of spring...turquoise brushes me as more of a winterish not so springlike color.
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