Lowes - gift registry
I'm not sure how odd of a question this is, but FH and I would Love to register at Lowes.
The problem is this: Our Lowes has discontinued their registry last year. How can we do this? How to get the word out to family, for them to see a list and to avoid get doubles?

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I think that they allow you to register online. Maybe you can do that?

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I believe both Lowes and Home Deport have continued their registries. I know Sears still does have registry that you can include tools and home supplies. Not sure if that might work for you.

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Just got off the phone with them and they do not have in store or online registries anymore.

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:/ As Mary said, Sears has a lot of good stuff, so they might be a decent alternative.

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Yes, Sears would have some of the items that we'd be looking at, but not all. I wasnt going to register at all.
I did find this site:
it lets you create your own site from stores that may have their own, or even stores that dont have websites.
I just started playing with it.

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You can also do www.ourwishingwell.com. It lets you register for anything you want. IE: pots and pans, tools, carpet, whatever.

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I'm digging the MyRegistry.com site. That seems pretty cool!

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I second what amberbean said--myregistry.com is great because you can register for things from any store in one place. If you are doing home renovations or something like that, you could also use myregistry.com to open a "home renovations fund" and then use contributions how you see fit.
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Amazon has a similar service where you can register for anything anywhere. They have a button that you can add to your browser, so it is as simple as clicking the button to add an item to your registry when you're on a site and you see something that you're interested in. I use this to maintain my lists, and all the kids lists.

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i recommend depositagift.com to register for anything and then shop where you want. much simpler.
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You can also do this at A Simpler Wedding Registry:

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My Fiance and I lived together for 3 years befor getting married, so needless to say we didn't need gadgets for our kitchen, bedding, towels, etc.

We decided to use www.uponourstar.com It has been fantastic, we can register for both honeymoon excursions and also house things- paint to furniture, etc! huge fan!

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You should check out our site: http://www.registrystop.com, while for the time being only online for lowes you could easily add any items you like onto a registry there. We'll also help your guests shop for the best price for the items as well.

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I just called a Lowe's near me (Austin, TX) and they said that they do gift registries...I know this post is kinda old now, but perhaps they changed their policy. Or it could be just the one near me that does. I guess we'll find out when we register! :)
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