Is it a really bad idea to get a dress on line?
I love this dress that I found on line and it is insanely cheap. I feel like it is a too good to be true situation. Has anyone else bought a dress online?

I figure at these prices I can get a wedding dress AND a reception dress.

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It depends. Have you tried on dresses before? When I went I was set on a certain style dress, but when i tried the on they looked horrible I ended up with a compltely different style and shapre dress. If you know this shape looks good on you then go for it.

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where are they located and are they original patterns or ripoffs of designers being copied by other people?

2d Bride
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The thing about most of the online dress places is that they are not in fact selling the dress shown in the picture. They are selling a replica made by looking at the picture, and trying to figure out how it was made. So the dress will be different from what you see. For example, the fabric may well be different. Lace is particularly hard to replicate, so that will almost certainly be different.
Some brides find that the replica dresses are "good enough." Some do not. And if you don't like the dress, your right to return it is typically very limited. A typical returns policy will say that you have to pay to ship the dress back, and that the manufacturer will impose a "restocking fee." Between those two costs, you may well find that what you get back on a return is only a fraction of what you paid.
So, you have to figure out for yourself whether the risk is worth it. For me, I decided that getting the real dress (even if used) was a better risk than getting a replica.

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I bought mine online b/c it was discontinued and I absolutely wanted that one. I didn't get an exact replica, but I am one of those that 2dbride mentions.. haha "good enough" for me!

If you decide to buy online, you do need to make sure to try and research as much as possible about that company b/c I've read horrible stories and seen pretty sad pictures of dresses.

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Wow thanks for asking had the same question. 2d bride how do u get a 2hand bridal dress and know that its in good condition. No smells or stains?

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You are not the first one who ask the question, i have asked the question ,too. it should depend your choice. However, you had better not to buy it online, why not order one?

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I have no idea how where to go, and since we are waaaay over on our food budget I thought a cheapo dress would work. I guess I should try some on before I just jump to the online purchase. Good idea on looking up the return policy too, thanks!

I am really horrified at paying so much for something I will wear once. I know it sounds horrible, but we are renting an inn for a whole flipping weekend and we are going to be dirt poor after this. Thank God we already have a house or we'd be in big trouble.

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I'd suggest going to look at dresses in person and make sure the style works well for your body type. You can often find a dress in a store, and get the designer and style number and get it insanely cheaper by buying online too.

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Thought about buying one online myself until I no longer wanted it lol! But I do know that whatever picture the website advertise for the dress, legally it has to be what you get in the mail! I also know that you should also get a bigger size than what you are, because you can always take a dress in to fit your size, not take the dress out! But I also think it is important to try on some dresses anyway in person even if you are not going to buy it, just so that you know how the dresses fit and feel on you! Good luck!

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Oh, one more thing, if the dress you get online does not have a physical store location I may want to think twice about it. The website you went on has a contact info in china only. So be careful!

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Good point on the location too, thanks Ruby!

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I'd be careful about ordering online. A dress that looks fantastic on one person can look horrible on another...even if they are around the same size. If you do order online I would HIGHLY suggest you order through a company that will take returns in case you order it, try it on, and don't like it. Even though I have my dress already I browse through dresses often, and David's Bridal has some cute ones on sale, and The Limited ( has two bridal dresses that are $298.00 and pretty.

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I bought a gown for China and loved it. No complaints at all.

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@niibaby, care to share? I am soooo stuck.

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Not from China which is where they are from. I would look at something like if you are short on cash and really want 2 dresses. There have been good reviews on here from brides that have used it and they are all real dresses so you can try the dress on in the store and see how it looks first.

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Like others suggested,make SURE of the style of dress you like on your body.
I ended up getting a dress totally different from the ones I thought I would like-but I bought local.
I had thought about china made dresses,but decided against it.

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I bought mine online but it was empire style and I know that that looks good on me as I have several dresses like that in my closet. YOu just have to know what works on u and what doesn't

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im getting mine custom designed form a girl i get to discuss all the details fabrics and all that stuff. I dont really like the dress shops online that do replicas of designer dresses...but to each there own, if you do buy online, i second the trying dresses on first idea, at least to get a style down...and also pick a shop with good feedback.

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Is the dress from the actually designer or is it a knock off...if it is a knock off read the fine are better off searching your local area to find out who carries that particular dress and buying it off the rack....I got my veil and petti coat for free and a discount of $700 on my gown by buying off the rack....the cleaning on the dress was only $ I really got a good deal....but you have to be patient...not every shop carries every dress....I went to 5 shops before I found one that carried my dress...and if the dress is not a perfect fit....make sure to find a seamstress you trust and find out how small or big she would be willing to alter that particular style and for how much
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