is age 10-11 too old to be a flower girl?
hopefully its not...i really want my FH's cousin to be flower girl!

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I don't think so. I personally think that is the perfect age. Not to mention the flower girl is a very special job for a young lady and at age 10-11 they understand what is going on and the importance of the event and responsibilites.

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i totally agree..
then if you really think about it.. you dont have to worry about them screaming and running down the aisle during the ceremony.. LOL

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My daughter will be 10 at the time of my wedding, and she specifically did NOT want to be a flower girl, but is THRILLED to be a Junior Bridesmaid. Girls that age are just starting to want to be more grown up. Most people think of flower girls as being little girls in frilly dresses being cute. Many 10 year olds don't want to have such a "baby-ish" role. My daughter definitely wanted a more grown-up role in the wedding, especially since her older brothers (13 & 16 at the time of the wedding) will be groomsmen. She will wear a slightly different dress than my other 3 bridesmaids and have a smaller bouquet (because she's tiny compared to my adult bridesmaids!) but will not be in a fluffy white dress with a basket of rose petals!

Consider having your FH's cousin as a Jr. Bridesmaid. You could ASK her which role she'd prefer, but from my experience with girls that age, I'm guessing she'd rather be a jr. bridesmaid than a flower girl. I asked my daughter and she totally agrees!

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thank you for yalls responses!

She did mention though, when me and my FH got engaged that she wanted to be the flower girl...she told my FH's mom and then his mom told me...she thought it was cute but she told me to do whatever me and david im seriously thinking about asking her to be the flower girl...i would get my neices to do it but they live in houston and i dont want two flower girls..if i chose one neice then i would feel obligated to choose the other neice...they are both 7. i can just see there being conflict with my sisters getting mad at me.

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NO WAY! its perfect . it the perfect age for her to have wonderful memories of being a part of that!

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Well, if she said she wanted to be a flower girl, then that's different. Then again, I see that you wedding is over a year off, and her attitude could change before then. It's right around 9-11 that I tend to see girls start growing up and changing their ideas about things. My daughter is in a combined 4th/5th grade class, and it's amazing to see the difference between the 4th & 5th grade girls.

The other thing to consider is her size & physical maturity. She may seem like a little girl now, but if she suddenly sprouts up and/or starts to "develop" it could change things. I know a lot of 10-11 year old girls who are over 5' tall and need bras. It would seem strange for a girl that size to be wearing a frilly white dress and tossing flower petals down the aisle IMO.

I'd tell her that you definitely want her to be in your wedding, but perhaps adjust her role depending on her attitude, size, etc. a year from now. Either way, I'm sure she'll be a lovely addition to your wedding.

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I think 10-11 is a fine age. And like another poster said you will not have to worry about her throwing tantrums! LOL But I am not with the mindset that flower girls must wear a white poofy dress & throw rose petals!! My daughter was a flower girl 4x & er dress was alwys just a minature of what the Bridesmaids wore. 2x she carried a basket that had flowers in it & the other 2 she had a little nosegay(mini bouquet) & she never once threw rose petals. So basically you can choose whoever you want & have her wear whatever you want & have whatever kind of flowers and/or rose petals you choose. And if it gets closer to the date of the wedding & your FH's little cousin is second guessing her title of flower girl you can easily change her title to jr bridesmaid. Have fun with her she sounds like a great little kid!

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Actually, I'm not the one with the mindset that "flower girls" wear white poofy dresses and throw rose petals. That's my almost-10 year old daughter's perception of flower girls, and the reason why she adamantly did NOT want to be a flower girl. Since I have a daughter at this exact age, I was trying to look at the situation from her point of view. As the youngest of 3, with 2 teen brothers, she resists anything "childish" and for some reason, that's how she views the role of a flower girl.

She also hates it when people refer to her as a "little kid". She insists that she's a "tween". :-)

Just the perspective of a mom who deals with girls this age on a regular basis, and my daughter who has definite opinions on the subject.

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She is old enough to be ok with that title. Ask her. Perhaps JR. Bridesmaid.


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Good day Linda. My name is Mona and I am a Wedding Coordinator. I just joined Wedding Wire as a vendor last week so I am still working on my page. In response to your question, I am referencing a book entitled "The Unofficial Guide to Planning Your Wedding"...and I quote:

"In addition to your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and honor attendants, you can honor friends and family by asking them to fill other positions, such as flower girls, and ring and train bearers (usually boys and girls between ages 3 and 7), junior bridesmaids and junior groomsmen (usually boys and girls between ages 8 and 9 through middle teens)."

I hope this information helps :)
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