Inexpensive way to cover chairs for reception?
The chairs that are included at our reception are very comfortable but are not a good color. Our colors are Brown and Cream and the chairs are a goldish tan. Almost seems like it will work but I can't stop thinking about covering them. Is it worth it? Will be around 100 chairs or more. I want it to look nice but budget is already bulging.

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I was watcing HGTV before Christmas and one of the designer's on it used pillowcases and sashes to cover chairs. I'm not sure how much more cost effective it would be though.

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Just regular pillowcases? Hmm now that's an idea. Didn't it look tacky though? I mean people would definitely be able to tell that they are pillowcases...

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Events TaylorMade
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Hi - there are many rental companies that will rent a cover for $1.00 a chair depending on where you're at. If you need suggestions, we're happy to offer some - good luck to you all!

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I've been looking for chair covers in Phoenix, AZ but WW keeps sending me to places in CA that ship but I don't want to pay the extra money. Anyone in Phoenix know of an inexpensive party rental place?

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Chaircovers usually rent for $1-$2 but at 100 chairs i still think that's too much to cover up some chairs! I'm seriously considering buying the fabric and having my FMIL help me sew them myself!! So,good luck there!

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I wanted to do chair covers also. Around here I would have to pay 700 dollars for 200 covers. So much for that dream

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SWEETD- buying your own fabric will likely cost much much more then renting

Z- how bad are the chairs would a bow be enough to camofalge the ugliness or are full covers needed?

I suggest checking out Ebay maybe someone already had chair covers they are will to sell

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where do yall live that chair covers rent for $1-2 each?! I WISH I could find someone to rent them at that price. Around here the going rate is $4 per chair for cover & sash. I was considering purchasing my own and then reselling them after the wedding but I just don't know if I really want to take on the burden of doing it myself. I dunno. Still have a little bit of time to decide.


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From the sounds of it, the colors won't clash. Seems like it's all in the same color family, not like they are bright orange! A sash may be enough to take the focus off the color. But if it truly bothers you, splurge on the covers! The last thing you want to do is spend the day obsessing over the chairs you hate!

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I wanted to cover the chairs, but then I decided what's the difference? I doubt my guests are going to be scrutinizing what the chairs look like. Hopefully they will be too busy eating, drinking, and dancing to care. Why add the extra work and money to cover the chairs? Unless they are really really really ugly. Th

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I love the way the chair covers and sashes look but my venue charged $1 per chair and I couldn't see spending the extra money on chair covers when my guests butts would be covering them most of the night anyway. So I opted to save money and not get them.
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Honestly Ladies, I see the chair cover look and the non chair cover look all the time. Your guests will not care or at least the majority of them won't. Yes they are pretty and if you can afford them then sure get them. If your on a tight budget then that should be probably the first thing to go.

Around here they go for about 5 dollars a shot to rent. Also be careful with the covers. You will find that people like to use the sashes that go around them for belts, headbands etc etc. If they get lost or dirty or torn you might be paying for them. Not something you want to do with your gift money.

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I would GLADLY pay $1 per chair lol

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But I do agree with Celebrations. I don't think the gold/tan would clash with your brown. It will blend right in. Our colors are black/white/yellow and the chairs at my venue are maroon. :(
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Shop around for the best rental price on chair covers don't even need to get sashes. I would stay away from Online Only rental places because they have been known to "lose" a shipment or send them to the wrong state.

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ok. I think I am going to just skip chair covers but still want to get table runners and napkins in brown. Anyone know how to find a place in your city and not have to ship them? I mean I live in Phoenix. It's like the 5th largest city in the country! There should be some stinkin' napkins!! LOL

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Check out, you can search for local vendors that offer chair covers and shop prices for your area. The going rate seems to be around $3.50 a chair, but that is with set-up as well, you can rent them cheaper if you want to put them on yourself. Or as suggested above, go with just the sash, I have seen it that way on decent looking chairs and it adds a little of the elegance with less than a third of the cost.
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It might be less expensive to rent another type of chair. Cheap covers may be so thin that you'll see the fabric underneath, they may not fit, etc. - do a sample on the chair before ordering to be on the safe side. Good linens cost money for a reason.

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I had a few nightmares myself about the chairs at the hall we're renting for the reception. I've decided that no one but me will ever care what these chairs looked like. Therefore, spending money on this detail is not worth it.

I'm working really hard at not stressing over the wedding. I had myself so upset last month that I was developing a chronic muscle twitch and my hair was shedding at twice it's normal rate. Now that I'm not sweating the small stuff I'm muuuuch healthier. Do yourself a favor and don't worry, be happy!

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I told my venue that I had a lot of older and larger people attending my wedding and I didnt want to ruin any chairs or have them be uncomfortable, and they ended up throwing in chair covers for free and bows at the ends of each isle. They were going to have outdoor plastic chairs during my ceremony. At Atfirst she told me $4 per chair. I told her that was crazy.
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