How to word an invite with divorced remarried parents
My parents are divorced. I get a long with my stepdad (he has been more of a dad to me the past ten years than my real dad) I want to put my dads name on the invite too. My stepmom and I dont really get a long but I want to put her on there to so there is no drama and no one is left out.

I know the correct way is to list the women first so the man is not separated from his last name. Is is ok for me to list my dads name first?

so my invite would go
stacey and lou mays
& dan and mary stil
request the pleasure of you company
at the marriage of their daughter.......

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I thought you listed the man first, as in Mr. and Mrs. Lou Mays...

I'd consider having the invite come from you and FH, along with their parents. Then, you can list their names, or not.

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I am not putting the titles Mr. & Mrs. on the invite.
So when you list just the names the man should not be separated from his last name.

So I am asking:
what has a higher priority?

1. my dad's name coming first since I dont get a long with my stepmom that well
2. etiquette and the man not being separated from his last name?


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We put our names and followed them by

along with their families and friends

that way there no one is left out, no one is singled out......
My parents are deceased, and he didn't think it was right to list his parents without mine being there, so we opted for the above mentioned line.

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you could always just go with "the parents of [brides name] and [grooms name] request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their children......"
thats what we are doing. technically we are the ones hosting the event, and we weren't really sure how to list my parents who are in the process of a divorce. so "the parents of" seemed like the easiest way without anyone getting offended for being left out.

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I think there is no "and" between the couples, they are just listed, but check an invitation etiquette site!

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Traditionally, only the parents' names appear on the invitation. But if you would like to include your stepparents, it's perfectly acceptable to list them. Place your mother (and her husband, if she's remarried) first.

Names are listed on separate lines without an "and" between them, and remember that Mom always comes first.

If mom is remarried, use her married name; the oldest etiquette omits all stepparents, though you can add them if you like. If a remarried parent has a different surname from his or her spouse, put the birth parent first. If you must break the line, do it before the "and."

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I used our names only to avoid this problem, plus we are paying the majority of the wedding budget ourselves.

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I'm in the same situation and planning on using something like:

Together with their families*
Please join us in the marriage celebration of

*may substitute "families" with "parents",
"families and friends"

I just didn't want people to start thinking who is divorced and who is with whom, so we're opting to go with the above.
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