How to let them know where we're registered
We are not doing engagement party, wedding shower or anything like do we let people know where we're registered...we have a wedding website and all the info is on there, but...probably 10 people of the 160 we invited signed the guest book. Should we send some with the invitations saying where we're registered...or should we RESEND the website address and tell them all information is on the site??? Opinions Plz

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I think it works well to just put the website on your invitations. It isn't really proper to tell people where you are registered unless they ask, so telling them that all information can be found on your website is a good way to go. Don't forget, not everybody that visits your site will sign the guestbook! You still have a few months to go before people will really start looking up your website to see if there is registry information on there, so I wouldn't worry yet. Most of the people we invited (about 75) have commented on our website, but only three signed the guestbook! If you have a lot of older (i.e. not internet literate) guests coming, they will generally ask a family member where you are registered (or just ask you) but that will probably happen closer to your wedding. Hope this is a little comforting! Best of luck!

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I agree with the PP...I'd say put the website on the invitation, or include something with the invitation saying something to the effect of: More information at

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I'm doing the same as suggested above. I inserted a little business card with the invite that says, "Please see our website for accommodation suggestions, directions and events for the weekend. www.weddingwire....."

I didn't mention the registry on it, but I think they'll figure that out!

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The little card with the website for more "info" works....

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Word of mouth is always good. Anyone in your wedding party or your parents can let people know if they ask :)

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I would say it's appropriate to have it on your website and and word of mouth by family members on both sides of your family. Do not stick registry information in your Wedding Invitations. I just received an invitation to my BIL and FSIL's Wedding in a couple of weeks, and their registry information was slapped right on top of the piece of paper that had directions, map, and hotel phone number and prices. Let me say I sent her an e-mail with how I found a huge Bridal Ettiquette No No in her invitation and it was the registry information. Guests will think you're soliciting gifts.

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It depends on the people your planning to invite. Traditionally, registry information was passed through word of mouth. However, I have been to 4 weddings this year and ALL of them had registry cards in them (as well as on their websites). I guess we're all kinda relaxed on that rule. That being said- like one of the other posts- its not cute to have that on top and the first thing to be seen when you open an invitation. Also consider if your guests will find out via word of mouth- if its close and family then you have a good chance. If your inviting people who won't know many people then you may have a problem. I used to work at a retail store and I can't tell you how many times I had people rushing around trying to find out where couples were registered- I just thought that was horrible to have people go to Macys, Target, Bed bath... and STILL keep searching around to try to find out this info- what a waste of time

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If they ask you then it's ok. I know for us since most of my husband's family we're inviting don't have computers, we will ask my MIL if they ask if we registered anywhere that we're not and if they wish to give a gift to make a donation to their favorite charity. The thing with my FSIL & BIL's invitations and the registry info being in them is we already got the shower invitation which was sent by her mom and aunt and it was ok for it to be in there. We had also asked my BIL in person if they registered or would be and where. That's ok too. But don't attach it or insert it in your invitations. I know with my STD's I'm just going to put for more details and accomodations please visit our website (which will be our WeddingWire one) and not list anything about registries.

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I think we live in a different day and age. Everything is geared towards email, web pages, etc. If you feel comfortable with sending out a blast email directing guests to your website, then go for it! I did! Granted, I am doing a destination wedding and guests who were invited but aren't able to make it to the wedding have been asking about our registry. Also, if your bridal party is doing a shower for you, they should include your registry information in that invitation. I don't think I would include it in my actual invitation, but I would send a separate card to guests without internet access. I just hate that we get so caught up in what ppl think when most guests don't have ANY shame in coming to EAT FOR FREE and partying at our weddings yet we shouldn't ask for a gift?!?!? GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!


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I would have your parents / maid of honor/ or best man send out some invites that states you are registerd. No everyone is computer friedly.

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I wish word of mouth would work, but not with the group of people we're inviting... maybe 20 could possibly identify my mom if she was right next to me and all other family is flying in from out of state. There is no bridal shower...the wedding is the big event that's it. We ended making n putting cards in the invitations that read.. for hotel accomodation, directions, contact info and all other info go to website..NO MENTION OF REGISTRY. This way I can feel confident people have been informed of all important info...especially hotel accomodations (we got a discounted block of rooms) n registry most people wouldnt know unless u tell them...

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