How many copies of the marriage license do you need?
I was just thinking about how many people need a copy of the marriage license...but does anyone have any idea on how many official copies you need or if you can use Xeroxed copies?

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My husband has a copy and I also have my own copy.

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I think you are confusing a marriage license and a marriage certificate.

You first must obtain a marriage license which is essentially an approved request to marry. This is obtained through the county you wish to be married.

After you have been married, your wedding officiant will sign and verify the marriage license and submit this back to the county. The county will then take several weeks and issue a marriage certificate to you upon request.

So are you asking how many marriage certificate you should request after you are married?

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I've heard 3, not sure why that number in particular, but I think you actually have to mail the Social security office a copy and maybe mail one for your drivers' license too?

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One, just one. Any more is a waste of money. SS gives it back, the DMV gives it back, and banks hardly glance at it. After that, you don't even really need one in your possession. I'll just file mine away with other important documents.

I've always considered the "certificate" as the one that holds no legal value, and you can use in a scrapbook. It's usually the pretty one.

And no, you cannot make copies yourself. You must get certified copies from the office you registered with.
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