Holes in the armpit of my shirt?!
I posted on FB, now I'll post here and see if SOMEONE can solve the mystery!

I always get holes in the armpits of my tshirts. Never on nice shirts (or fitted shirts) just on tshirts. Like my favorite Orioles shirt that FS brought back from a game, got a hole within 2 weeks. Then, FS got me a shirt made with his business on it for Christmas, and its my FAVORITE, and it has a hole in the armpit. Usually its on the right. I'm thinking maybe it could be my dryer.. Although a lot of times I hang things to dry, and that never seems to help. I probably have 6 or more t shirts with holes. Why could this be?!

Side note- Once I did some research on why I ALWAYS tarnish jewelry that isn't real gold when I touch it. And after a lot of reading, I found that its caused by excess acid in the skin and sweat. Could that be it?? My armpits sweat freaking acid and burn holes in my shirt?! lol

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Maybe it's how you put them on? Do you shove your right hand into the armpit trying to find the sleeve? Or maybe how you take it off? Do you tug on it?

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This happens to FH's & my t-shirts as well. and its only the tshirts - except its not on the armpits, its in the middle of the shirt. At first I thought it was a mouse lol until I realized they were not holey going in and holey coming out

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Jacque- So is yours from your dryer?

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KK the holes in the armpits if they are on the seams is because that is the most stressed part of the shirt. You are almost constantly moving your arms. The deoderant you use, the oils from your skin, and the sweat your body creates, (yes you sweat even if just a little) all wears on the thread and the material in the seams. That's what makes those particular seams wear out so much faster. When I sew especially on cottons (and my serger is working properly) I tend to do a double stitch over that area to reinforce it really well.

Holes in the middle of the shirt unless it has a graphic on it I cannot explain.

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Yep. Second Nikki. And, I'd be willing to bet you're right handed, right? :)

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i would think its just the way you put it on/take it off, you move it constantly, it stretches a lot when you stretch. i can only think once you break some of the thread that connects the armpit fabric, it just unravels more in the dryer/washer

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I know on my workout clothes the fabric tends to breakdown between my shoulder blades and chest from the excess sweat way faster than any other area of the shirt.

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I noticed a few holes in my T-shirts as well, usually only in the right arm pit and I determined it was from me putting on deodorant and my engagement ring snagging the shirts!!

Its only in the T-shirts because I just shove my arm up there to put it on, but on nicer shirts I'm more careful because usually I don't want deodorant getting on them...thus no snagging. Just a thought :)

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I've noticed this in my whole family. I think one reason might be because it's an "intersection" of seams and more likely to pull apart. The seams don't hold up nearly as well as the fabric and theres a lot of stress on these seams during the putting on and taking off movements, especially if you wear them close fitting. It might not happen on the nicer shirts because they're a better quality or you're not wearing them as often (or washing them as often). Luckily you can quickly mend them and no one will ever notice :)
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