Father of the Bride's tux?
Does the father of the bride usually wear the same tux as the groomsmen? Or should it be different (black and white) to set him apart from the other guys? Our groomsmen are wearing black tuxes, with a black shirt and orange vest and tie. I was thinking about having my father wear a black tux with a white shirt and black vest and tie.

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Good question! I am wondering the same thing.

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My step dad is wearing a black tux..the only reason its different from the guys is because hes larger...he will be wearing a platinum vest and tie, we were told the groom usually wears white or ivory, the father silver, and then the grooms mens whatever color you picked out.

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my dad wore a black tie and vest...same tux as the guys just different vest and tie color

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My father and FIL will be wear the same tux, but with different colored vests and ties. I've seen it done several ways: the fathers wearing the same color tux and vest/tie...I've even seen the fathers forgo the tux altogether.

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My dad and FIL wore the same tux as the rest of the guys, but their vests/ties matched the moms' dresses (my mom & dad in plum, MIL & FIL in cranberry), rather than being the same color as the GM.

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My dad is just wearing a black and white tux... he will most likely match his wife.

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my father is wearing a different tux, my dad and FFIL are wearing the same tux and the same color but different than the GMs and different than FH's. FH is wearing a traditional full dress tux, Fathers are wearing almost full dress and GM's are wearing regular tuxes.

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Men's Wearhouse suggested that they wear differnt vest and tie. so they stand out understanding they are the fathers.

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Thanks so much ladies! I think I will be going with the black and white tux for our fathers then :)

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My dad wore the same tux as the other guys but instead of wearing a blue tie and vest, he wore a silver vest and tie.

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All the GM will have black tuxes, white shirts with purple ties and vests so Dad will match them. FH and RB will have white ties and vests to match me and FG.

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FH and GMen ate wearing tuxes. Ffil will be in slacks and sport coat and my dad will wear his suit. Neither of the dads would be comfortable in a tux so they can wear whatever they want. The moms don't match the bridesmaids so I don't understand why the men all have to match.

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My dad is just going to wear a suit that they just bought. I thought it was just more cost effective than having him pay over $100 just to rent a tux. I kind of feel like Men's Warehouse was just trying to get as much money out of it as they could by saying the dad's should rent tuxedos.

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Lindsay, i totally agree. I swear they were making up jobs in the wedding to try and get me to add more rentals.

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I am planning for the groom and best man to be in khaki colored pants and vests - casual wedding. Would it be ok to dress my father in same outfit, but in a light grey? I feel like my colors are all over the place, and worry they won't work the day of.

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Thank you for asking this question, I was just wondering the very same thing. I think I'm going to have my DAD wear black tuxedo with silver vest and tie, and let my FFIL have black tux just change his vest color and tie to match my FMIL this way they both stand out. my FH is wearing dark charcoal suit and vest with ivory shirt and ivory tie while the GM and BM will have light charcoal tuxedo and vest with blue ties. so I think its only fair to have the fathers stand out as well.
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