Dress for Caribbean Beach Wedding????

I am currently planning my wedding in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean next year. I am using Celebrations (www.celebrationsltd.com)
, a wedding planning company to do the design and decor. So far they have been brilliant and the planner they have assigned to me has been amazing.

I am still unsure about the dress though. I would love to hear from anyone who has any advice on the style of wedding dress i should use for a beach wedding?


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First i wanted to say - the Caymans are BEAUTIFUL!!! I have been there twice!

I think the dress really is up to you. Where are you getting married? On the beach? in a venue? I have seen a lot of island weddings where the guys wore khaki shorts or pants with flip flops and a nice casual short sleeved cotton button down or even a hawaiian shirt. I would probably go with a "destination" style wedding dress....aka something that isnt the typical ball gown...and as far as Bridesmaids, you could really have them wear whatever...although i would stick with tea length dresses as opposed to floor length
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The best attire for the Caribbean will be lighter fabrics. For your wedding dress definitely go with silks, chiffons, etc. for a couple of reasons. The first it will be easier to travel with (who wants to think about the perils of traveling with a traditional wedding gown in the airport and then locating a valet to steam/press it again once you arrive in the Cayman Islands). The second is simple, you will definitely be more comfortable...just think about why we love the Caribbean so much. It's because of the climate. Why wear the traditional gown with all necessary accessories and be completely miserable with the heat and humidity. I can't tell you how many beautiful options for destination gowns there are. Lucky for you the gowns for 2009 should start appearing soon( usually around December) but you can definitely check out the web for previews.

Best Wishes!
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Try not to have a train. The Weddings on the beach have problems dragging sand under the dress if it is too long of a train. Good luck and congratulations!
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Eden bridals makes a beautiful line of chiffon informals -any would be fabulous - also the chiffon is easy to pack and travel with
do not hesitate to consider having it hemmed shorter as well - so it is a great ankle length
have a fabulous time
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Our advice to our couples that we are shooting with is to get a dress you are comfortable in, because you are in such an amazing location you want to be free and loose while roaming with your photographer. A great tip our brides like is to get a very full or long veil which yields stunning images. Hope you enjoy and congratulations!


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Try looking at dresses with "Nicole Miller". I'm having a destination wedding as well -- Jamaica. They offer a destination line and I must say all of their dresses are beautiful. I fell in love with the designer's work, that I purchased my dress from there.

Take a peek for yourself... http://www.nicolemiller.com

Good Luck!!

Nika T.

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Its best to check with weather at that time of year. I suggest something light in chiffon or charmeuse fabrics and a bolero or wrap for after the ceremony in case it gets windy.
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Dear mydreamwedding visit theknot.com they did a beach wedding and also go to your local Bridal Salon and look for sleeveless,spaghetti strap chignon material dresses being you'll be outdoors I presume that's going to be flowing and airy not clinging and sweating


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Natural fabrics are always much cooler in the Caribbean - cotton, linen. However, I find that most of my brides still choose to wear a traditional long and full gown on the beach - it really looks great in pictures too!

However, what I most hear from brides is "my legs are dripping sweat under here!!" So, I recommend that if you want to go the dramatic full gown route - consider also purchasing a white cocktail dress for the occasion. This add a little bit of extra fun and glamour to the event. Change into your cocktail dress after dinner (and typically after cutting of the cake) to signal to your guests that the party is really underway! For style, take the lead from your overall wedding style. If you are having a casual reception - change into a cute white sundress or strapless dress. If you are having a more formal reception consider a full-length gown in a natural fabric or that is only one-layer of fabric... or get really glam with a white sequined cocktail dress!

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If you wanted to do something more formal I think a dress like this would be gorgeous...

If I were you I would probably do something more informal like this one

or this one

and this one is very pretty

Good Luck!!! :)

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If you can find a dress made in a kind of material called Silk Shantung (spelling), it's really light weight. That's what my bridesmaid dress for my sister's summer wedding in Massachusetts wedding was made out of, and it was extremely light, and very comfortable. If there are any designers you love, look and see what kind of Destination Wedding Dresses they may have, if not there are a bunch of light weight resort style (I'll have to look for the websites again, they're all saved on my old computer where I can't access the internet on). Sundresses and flip flops or barefootwill work well for bridesmaids (which is what I'm doing for a June Vow Renewal in Louisiana). Even another suggestion for grooms and groomsmen who aren't partial to the cotton beachy style shirts are even just polo shirts (which can get plenty of use after) and khaki pants or shorts. I think the maker of the dress we got has a destination section for wedding gowns. We went through Waters and Waters.

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Since someone mentioned not having a train, look for a dress that has an optional train or detachable train, or no train at all. You can probably find something like this in the Bridesmaid section in white or ivory too that might be light weight. Congratulations and from what I hear the Cayman Islands are beautiful. My hubby has suggested it for our honeymoon which we still haven't gone on yet.

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The 'Dessy' line of destination dresses are the best I've found! I tried mine on at a small bridal store and bought it on-line for nearly $200 cheaper! (the on-line place is an actual store in Ohio, I checked it all out!)

The style of dress should be whatever you want! Hell, I might have my bathing suit on under my dress! :)

Dream Wedding Vendor

Budget Bride
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Take a look at http://www.budgetbride.vpweb.com/WeddingGownsPg2.html the Wedding Home Gown I have listed there might work for you, I think it makes a great beach dress. Good luck finding your dream gown!

Best Wishes,


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If you're having a destination wedding, make sure you can bring your dress as a carry on! Your Gown is the very last thing you want missing from your luggage on a trip like that.
If you're in the Boston Area, come and talk to me about packable dresses!

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Congratulations on behalf of the staff of Add An Accessory!
Your gown should make you feel like a princess no matter what you wear!
Accessorize your gown with our line of beach themed bridal accessories and carry out your caribbean theme!

A sample of our beach destination line:



Best Wishes
The Staff of Add An Accessory

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All About Honeymoons
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You may want to check Sandals.com. Since their resorts do so many weddings, they also sell wedding dresses specifically for beach weddings. You may also want to ask your resort what type of dress preperations they offer. Do they have a steamer? This will help in determining what type of fabric you may need to pack.

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I was in Jamaica last January and during the week there were severl weddings. The bride/groom attire varied with each couple. Many were dressed in formal gowns and tux/others were in casual dresses/suits/pants/shirts while some were dressed in shorts.

My suggestion, go with what you want to wear, whatever it is will fit into the atmosphere.

Best of luck
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