DIY brides - any of you make your own wedding signs? If so how and how much? Thx!
The heading pretty much say's it all, I'm thinking I want to try and attempt to DIY some wedding signs similar to the attached pictures. Where did you buy the supplies from? Approx how much did you spend? Was it difficult? Time consuming? Worth it?
I'm not generally a DIYer...ok not at all...the only DIY project I've done Mrs. Gonzalez and Hayley actually did so please be honest with how difficult this is! The price to buy them on Etsy seem ridiculous. Thanks!

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Ah I need to know this too! :)

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Not sure what you were thinking you wanted to spend, but I bought my sign for $58 shipped from Etsy. It's a wooden post w/3 painted arrows. I am normally a DIYer, but I tried twice and failed miserably haha, so I gave up and bought one!

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to me it looks like:
old wood
white paint

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I think you could find all the supplies at a craft store for pretty cheap! The old wood might be tough, but they have a lot of new wood you could rough up a little....

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Not sure if it will work, but it is worth a shot :D

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Here is a post I did:

Wood: you can get it at home depot in the back that they are throwing away for free! Or you can buy a long piece, have it cut and then beat the sh*t out of it with a hammer.
Paint-I bought acrylic paint from michaels-3 for $1.00. For a washed out look I would mix some water with the paint and paint that on as a base and then go in with the pure color for the letters...I would also just put two coats on in contrasting colors and then sand it so the bottom color comes through in some places. Crackle paint is effing expensive so to do like I did in the picture-Cover the wood in elmers glue-then immediately go over that with paint-but keep painting in the same direction. when it dries it will crackle.

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Stephanie Hickerty

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I made signs & shoe bins for my beach wedding 2 years ago/ (unfortunately my own wedding photographer didn't photograph any of them much to my dismay). I bought everything at Home Depot. I had the plywood cut at Home Depot according to the my specs (they cut for free). I base painted them dark brown, added Crackle glaze on top, and then an off white on top of that. Then I painted my saying and then clear coat on top to finish them off. It only took a Saturday to do that. Hubby, back then fiance, nailed them to plywood (I also painted), and then mixed plaster of paris in small buckets and put the signs in. This weighted them down so the wind wouldn't blow them over. It didn't cost much to make, and they received many compliments. I also painted big tubs as well. First spray with rustoleum in rust brown, crackle glaze, then off white, then clear coat on top...these were to hold guest's shoes for when they went on the beach for the ceremony. I don't recall the cost...sorry.

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I am doing this and have done these for my house. I took old cedar fence pickets and cut them down to size. I use spray paint for the top coat and once dry sand some areas on it to make it look rustic. Then use regular cheap paint (a different color) and use a small paint brush to right the words. Or to get fancy and script like take a stencil and use spray paint on the stencil. Cost me $3 I will PM you something else this week you might think is cute. It's cedar wood with a picture frame on it with maybe your wedding symbol inside and a ribbon to hold it on the wall or on the chair like your pics. Sry don't have picks of it with me.
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Thanks guys! I think I'm going to make an attempt in a couple Saturday's when FH is gone on business... I'll let you know how it goes!!

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