Ceiling Drapery ? what fabric to use?
I want to hang fabric from the ceiling? I am wondering what fabric to use and what would be cheaper?

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I was thinking of using gossamer in ivory , but was wondering if there was a cheaper material to use?

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go to your local fabric store and look thru the fabrics,,,ask an associate for her opinion and ask if she has rolls of something on sale...light weight and airy would be best...could even use tulle and its super cheap!

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Chiffon or an Organza drape beautifuly, but watch for a good deal on these

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Organza is perfect for that. I have an amazing site for it... the best prices I have found so far, but I'll have to hunt down my link tomorrow. I'm about to go to bed. I'll post the link tomorrow though!

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Thank you ! :0)

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I was going to suggest Tulle. You can get it as little as .17 a yard on http://www.giftsintl.com/tullefabric.php, you will get the same results as the one in the picture. It's very elegant & I was going to do it but I am running low on time and am afraid that I won't get it in time for my wedding in 72 days since I can't order right away.
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Make sure you check the local fire codes in your area. There will be a limit to how much (percentage) of the ceiling you will be able to cover. Also you won't be able to cover smoke detectors or sprinkler heads. Lastly the material needs to be NFPA certified as fire retardent. Most "cheap" fabrics won't be treated to this standard.

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I was ready to suggest Tulle as well. That is what I am doing in the pavilion for our reception.

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Tulle for sure! Cheap and would work well with lights in it.

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@ Kali thank you for the website!

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for fire retardant fabrics check www.rosebrand.com or www.dazian.com. they are not going to be super cheap, but they are theatre/ event suppliers and they'll have stuff that is up to fire code if you do have to deal with that. they also have good sales at times. chiffon will give you the flowiest (so not a word) drape :)
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