Budget friendly ideas for a country wedding...
I need some of you lovely ladies to help me out with ideas to kick up the theme of our country themed september wedding...we are getting married sept of 2012 at Bittersweet Farm in Westport MA and with our fairly small budget, I want to get the wheels turning...

Any reccomendations?

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I was watching one of those WE shows, I think it was Rich Bride Poor Bride, and the couple did a country themed wedding. They did in a bar. They served BBQ. I don't remember the decorations. But maybe you can look up the show online?

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you could have your wedding ceremony in a barn

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Mason jars are always a great idea for a country theme. You can use them to hold flowers and wheat for centerpieces or fill them part way with sand or barley and place a votive in them and use them as lanterns. You can pick them up at 2nd hand stores and yard sales for cheap since you have some time before your wedding. Or you can buy them new.

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I agree with the BBQ idea - that should be a cheap way serve your guests food and it will be yummy! As for flowers, I think that picking your own wild flowers would be awesome for a country wedding. I wouldn't focus too much on decorations in general because I think that a farm would make an excellent backdrop for a wedding. You don't really need too many decorations.

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For inexpensive table covers you could use gingham or burlap cloth cut to size to create a country/rustic look. Also on a previous post one of the ladies on here said they were using hay bales as seating for their ceremony, they were placing the bales in rows and then draping some sort of fabric or blanket over them so guests wouldn't be sitting on raw hay...

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thank you so much everybody...those are some great ideas!

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Have you book marked the site weddingchicks? They always have awesome country & vintage ideas everyday!
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my couples have used some of these great ideas: bright red apples with seating pinned in the top of the apple (so cute & smells great!), Crab-tree roses in blue mason jars, welcome station with pre-made leaves for signing well wishes then hung on the "wishing tree." Various Etsy crafts that are 100% handmade and sometimes cheaper than a bride could make it herself. Tea Lanterns & Christmas lights..can NEVER go wrong with that! Best Wishes!
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Hey Shiela, I have seen many folks down here pull off some GREAT country weddings. Mason jars are always a big hit, along with candled tree stumps, church pews, or bails of hay. It can be very "homey" if you wanted it to be while still being very elegant. good luck.


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We have mason jars for our centerpieces :) and I absolutely love all of the other ideas. Thank you so much!!

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Here is how we are doing our vintage garden reception. Most of the things in the photo you can diy.

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mason jars hung with ribbon

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For my previous wedding, we used small bushel baskets full of these apples. They looked great!

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I think of Sunflowers

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Some more
I just typed in farm wedding ideas under google images.

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Great ideas Jess!! Thanks!!
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One budget friendly item I can suggest are seal-n-send invitations. They don't need envelopes to mail, and feature a detachable reply card. There are many different styles available, or you can have them custom made, still very affordable.

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We are having a country wedding as well in April. I am using Mason Jars for drink glasses. I thought it would be cute and people can take them home with them. I thought it would be even more cute to wrap a ribbon on it and write there name on it. So they don't loose there own glass. I don't know. We shall see what I do with them. :)
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