Bride and groom trivia bridal shower game!
This weekend is my bridal shower. FH and I created this game for the shower. Just wanted to shared.

How well do you know the
Bride & Groom

How did the Bride & Groom meet?_________________________________________________

What is the Brides favorite color?__________________________________________________

How many tattoos does the Groom have?____________________________________________

How many children combined do the Bride & Groom have?_____________________________

What celebrity would the Groom love to meet?_______________________________________

What is the Brides middle name?___________________________________________________

What is the Grooms middle name?_________________________________________________

How long have the Bride & Groom been dating?______________________________________

What is the couples 3 favorite getaways?____________________________________________

Who would the Groom say is a better cook?__________________________________________

Which of the Brides features caught the Grooms eye when they met?______________________

Which of the Grooms features caught the Brides eye when they met? _____________________

How did the Groom propose? Sweet & Romantic or Cool & Casual

What does the couple spend the most money on?______________________________________

What is the age difference between the Bride & Groom? _______________________________
Whose older?__________________________

How many siblings does the Bride have?____________________________________________

Which magazine does the Groom prefer? Playboy or Motocross

What is the Grooms favorite sport?_________________________________________________

What kind of car does the Bride drive? ______________________________________________

Where are the couple Honeymooning? ______________________________________________

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