special cakes by sara

special cakes by sara

Rome, GA
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Quality of Service

My wife and I contracted Sara to make both a bridal and a grooms cake for our wedding. After meeting to try some samples, we agreed on the types of cakes we wanted and PAID IN FULL six months in advance. Following a few email exchanges, designs were taken care of and we set up a delivery time.

Fast forward to our wedding day. Sara was late to the venue. She quickly dropped off the cakes and left before the caterer or wedding coordinator had a chance to check everything over. We later discovered why.

The bridal cake was not iced in the color discussed and was leaning to the side. The grooms cake was missing the ENTIRE top half, including the major design element. It basically looked like a mud pie.

Sara did not answer any phone calls, but was still posting to her Facebook page. Only after we contacted her through email after returning from our honeymoon did she offer an apology and excuses. She promised to mail a partial refund.

Six months and numerous emails, phone calls and Facebook messages later....still no check.

DO NOT order a cake from this deceitful woman. She will screw it up and steal your money.

Services Used: Wedding Cake
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The cake was delicious and I loved how we could try some beforehand. However, I was not very pleased with how it looked--it wasn't what i was expecting at all. And, we also ran out of cake. If you use her, just make sure you clarify exactly what you want.

special cakes by sara responded with the following comments:

in doing some research, I did find who you are... and I did receive the following email from your mother, which I responded to quickly.

Hi there Mrs. Stoller, this is honestly a first - I am a bit confused. I saw Mary this morning when I delivered cakes to the Club, and she said nothing. She said everything was great. I am not sure how the cake was cut, but Erica ordered a cake for 150 - not 170 - she did say on Friday that her final count was 180, but never said anything about increasing the cake. the size of the cake was a 16" round that if cut properly should serve 98, then a 10 inch square that if cut by all cutting charts, should have served 50, and a 7 inch round that by the same charts would serve 22 - giving you a total of 170 servings, which is the 150 servings that your daughter ordered, and an additional 20 servings that I provide to cover any unexpected guests.

In no way did I "take" you - these serving charts are published in all cake cutting guides,


and is the guide that I as well as most bakers go by in sizing. If you look at this site, you will see that I did as instructed, and provided you with the 150+ servings that your daughter ordered. There is no way to deny it. I am not sure how the cake was cut, ot who cut it, but I can tell you that your embarassment does not come from me.

As for the cost of the cake, the $450.00 comes for 150 servings at $3.00 per serving. There was no delivery fee, set up fee, or rental fee involved. You were charged for 150 servings of cake, which is what I deliverd to your daughter's reception.

Just in asking, was anything said when you received the invoice to the effect that you were embarassed or unhappy?

I do thank you for your thoughts and am sorry that you feel this way. But my business has always been built on providing more than you would ever expect in a wedding cake. In no way would I ever purposely "take" anyone - I understant the cost of weddings, and all that is involved, and most of all the importance of every moment of the day.

Please feel free to respond, as I seriously do not want you to think that I would do anything purposeful to embarass you or your family.

Thanks so much

Brenda Stoller wrote:
The wedding cake for Erica Stoller was very nice and tasted good. BUT, THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH TO SERVE 125 SMALL PIECES TO THE RECEPTION ATTENDEES. I was really embarassed. I believe that Erica ordered a cake for 170 people. For $450, I think that we were really "taken". I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Hope to hear from you soon.Thanks in advance. Brenda Stoller

Maybe how you should have worded your review, is that there was some conflict in the color scheme of the cake, but I failed to provide Sara with a color swatch of the color CHAMPAGNE that I wanted, (I still have a swatch of fondant and the bottle of CHAMPAGNE shimmer dust that was used on your wedding date, with your name on the bag, if you would like it) so the color was left to her descretion... and we did run out of cake, but I ordered a cake to serve 150 and had more guests arrive than expecxted. And when questioned about this, Sara did provide my mother with a cutting guide that proved she did provide the correct amount of cake that we paid for. (by the way, I never did get an apology from your mother after accusing me of TAKING you...I would have apologized for that)

If you are going to write a review, you should include all of the facts and be fair to someones business.

I only wish you and your husband the best in life. But please if you are going to put all this out there... get it right.

Services Used: Wedding Cake
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