Camo wedding?
My fiance and I were thinking about the groomsmen and himself wearing camo (leaves and bark type) vests and ties. My bridesmaids would were a copper/bronze dress. I just don't want it to look tacky! Thoughts??

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My honest opinion...I think that sounds tacky. Its different yes, but I think tack. Is there any particular reason for camo, maybe you or your fiance are in the army?

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I think if its indicative of what your interest are, then go for it!
Remember that this is you and your hubby's day, and people remember the small things, the personal things. Besides, something like this would make your wedding memorable and if your future hubby loves it, you should def. let him have it. What you might want to do, if you think its tacky, is keep the camo to a minimum, for instance, instead of the vest, being camo, they can make the ties camo. And then you can have as center pieces Tree branches, with candles hanging from them? since you are getting married in September. That would give it a romantic and earthy feeling as well.

Good luck and much happiness!


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Hello Sarah

Log onto the davids bridal website and they have it where you look at your bridal party in those colors the guys and the girls to see what it will look like.

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My sister did a camo theme to her wedding. Everyone loved it. Although she had us bridesmaids in black dresses, and then the groomsmen had black tuxes with the camo vests and tie. It looked great together! Don't let anyone tell you that camo is tacky at a wedding. Some people just don't understand the camo thing. Hope this helps!!

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Personally I think camo is tacky for a wedding. But the color of camo are GREAT for a wedding. How about you use the copper and greens as your colors and have the guys in forest green ties/vests anf have the girls in the copper/bronze dress that you wanted for them originally. Them if you still want to incorporate camo, maybe you can do it in little touches here and there: in the bouts, in the bouquets and the centerpieces somehow. Use it, but do not over use it.
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Unless it's going to offend someone close to you (like a parent or family member) I'd say go for it! If it is going to be a problem, maybe choose a nice green to compliment the bridesmaids dresses for the groomsmen and they can wear full-on camo for the rehearsal. My husband LOVES hawaiian shirts, so that was our gift to our groomsmen, and they all wore them for the rehearsal.
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I wish I had thought of it for my wedding. My husband loves camo. I think you have to do what you want for your perfect day. I would keep it to a min., but that sounds like what you are doing. You will always remember it and it will be special to you and your fiance. I love the color of the dresses. It sounds beautiful.


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Someone sent me pics of a redneck wedding - lots of camo. And, yes, it was fairly tacky (but hilarious)

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Designs by Tammany
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It sounds great! My opinion... if this is what you want GO FOR IT! THIS IS YOUR DAY! A WEDDING WITH AN ACTUAL THEME!!!! What is wrong with this? If it means something to the both of you? You both like it? That is ALL that matters! Why should someone always do white/black white/blue? beautiful but overdone... Have fun with it!!!
Congratulations!!! on a personal note my sisters wedding were similar colors because he was deployed 5 times and about to go a 6th so we made a joke of it and of a guest like of 200 EVERYONE LOVED IT!!!!

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Of course it's tacky! But it would be a fun, casual kind of wedding and just follow the theme through with other things, like favors, center pieces, the cake! etc.

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I dont get it? Why is it that it is considered "tacky"? to go with something out of the norm? Check the day and age.. we have no rules to follow, Wedding colors are wedding colors, bests are vests, ties are ties... gowns are gowns.... Mix and Mix read the bridal magazines that is what is being said..especially this issue of Brides magazine The largest issue... Tradition is tradtion, follow the something new, old, borrrowed, blue. This is one that will remain for good luck for the bride and goom.. Yet as for what is what for decor, themes.. IT is all out the window! Skys the limit, imaginations are open and free.. What is the difference from doing a camo wedding the doing a roaring 20's? Flapper gowns Real ones not costumes? Or a sox hop? or heck wanna get tacky a jungle theme? Nothing.... It is ALL UP TO THE HEARTS of the bride and groom! Period! The wedding is for the bride and groom after all! This is the day they will remmeber for time to come..........ok said my piece... sorry..
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Wow!! I want to be there for that!

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"What is the difference from doing a camo wedding the doing a roaring 20's?"

Roaring 20s is dressy fashion from another era; Camouflage is a military tactic used to disguise people from being killed.

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... you should do it if it is what you want... dont worry about if someone thinks it is tacky. as long as it reflects your personality. GO FOR IT. honestly it is something i have thought of too. me and my fi both love to hunt and fish.

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I think you have a great idea with the camo!!!! My fiance and I are doing the same thing. They guys are in camo vests and ties. The girls are gonna be in chocolate and light pink dress. My problem is coming up with other ideas to tie everything together. Like most ppl have said on here, don't want to over do anything, but just somthing to tie it together...any ideas send them my way!

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hi, I really love the idea i think it will look great! Me and my fiance is doing a camo theme also. My bridesmaids are wearing brown with a little camo jacket on top of the dresses it going to go right under the breast and the sleeves are going to be to the elbows. and the guys will have camo vest and ties. I think you should go for it!!!!!

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It is a great idea we are doing the same thing and getting married 9/26/09. We have chose to get married where we go hunting. It is a beautiful resort (cabins, rv sites, restraunt, and bar) right on a lake in east Texas. My dress is ivory with camo accent in the front and the train, and then laced up the back with camo. The girls are wearing brown dresses with green sashes (MOH opposite) and the guys are wearing green and tan shooter shirts. My nephews are the ring barrers an they are going to wear jeans and a shirt (not sure what color yet) with a camo vest, and the flower girl is going to wear and ivory dress with a camo sash. They key is to not over do the camo just use it as an accent. For instance our table cloths are going to be green brown and cream instead of camo. Oh yeah I forgot to mention my FH is wearing jeans and a camo/tan shooter shirt. hope this helps
btw got my dress at
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