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Categories: Wedding Planning
Event Types: Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Corporate Events, Engagement Parties, Holiday Parties, Sweet 16s
Established: 2001
Accepts: Cash, Check, AMEX, Discover, Mastercard, Visa
Frequently Asked Questions for Wedding Planning
Planning Services: Day-Of Coordination, Full Planning, Partial Planning
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Additional Answers & Advice:

Q: Do you have a customer satisfaction or refund policy?
A: Absolutely!  We provide a personal guaranty that our clients will be completely satisfied with Your Heart’s Desire’s services.  We also state this in our contract.

Q: How many weddings have you planned?
A: Your Heart’s Desire has been in business since the year 2001 and plans approximately 20 weddings each year.

Q: How do you assist in planning a wedding? What services do you provide?
A: Your Heart’s Desire is available in every area of your wedding planning.  Whether it is choosing your photographer, coming up with a wedding theme, or arranging for a block of hotel rooms for your guests, Your Heart’s Desire does it all.  Contact us today for your free initial consultation and we can discuss your specific needs.

Q: Do you recommend specific wedding professionals?
A: Yes.  Your Heart’s Desire is very specific about the wedding professionals we refer.  We believe that as a wedding consultant, our recommendations are a reflection on us and our standards.  We will only recommend professionals who have the same values and standards as well.

Q: Do you get a "kickback" from vendors?
A: No.  Your Heart’s Desire DOES NOT refer vendors based on referral fees and discounts.  Vendors are suggested based on the requirements and budget range discussed.  If referral fees and/or discounts are available from the vendors chosen by the client, those fees will be passed on to further benefit the client.

Q: Can I afford a wedding consultant?
A: Yes, you can!  A wedding consultant is not a luxury, they are a necessity.  Emily Edwards believes that all brides deserve a wedding consultant, no matter how large or small the budget.  She will sit down with you at your free initial consultation and help create a custom quote that will fit your individual budget.

Q: What are your rates?
A: Our rates vary based on various factors including number of guests, time of day, season and your budget, among other things.  Please contact us today so that we can give you an accurate quote based on your specific needs.

Q: What makes you different from other bridal consultants/wedding planners?
A: Emily Edwards respects and admires many of her peers in this industry.  However, what sets her apart is something that is hard to define. It is a combination of her skills, personality, experience, price and professionalism that make her services such an incredible value.

Emily feels very strongly that every bride needs and deserves a wedding consultant, but at the same time she understands that she is not the right fit for everyone.  Because of this, Emily encourages you to meet with multiple consultants before making your decision.  It is important that the consultant understands your vision and meshes well with your personality.

Of course my advice would be to hire a wedding consultant!  ...but you knew that’s what I would say!

But I don’t just say that so you will hire me.  I truly believe that it is important to hire a wedding consultant so that you can sit back and enjoy the planning process.  Your wedding day is not just about that one day, but an entire series of moments that you will look back on and remember fondly, not with anxiety.

I encourage you to meet with multiple consultants to find out who you connect with best.

All of the vendors you hire are important to the success of your day and it is important to hire them based on the quality of their work and the affordability of their prices.  But there are two vendors in particular where their personality is a huge factor.  That is your photographer and your wedding consultant.

Selecting a photographer is a 3-fold decision, with each factor carrying as much weight as the next:  Do you like their work?; Can you afford their pricing?; and DO YOU GET ALONG WITH THEM?!?  It really doesn’t matter if you can afford your photographer and like their work if they get on your nerves!  That look on your face will come through in your photos and that is not how you want to remember your day.

Your wedding consultant will be the vendor you work with the most often of all of your vendors.  You need to feel a connection with them.  You need to know they understand you and your family.  This is such a crucial element in making your decision.

I tell everyone I meet with, if you don’t hire me - hire someone!  I am not the consultant for everyone, and it’s a good thing I’m not, because their are thousands of weddings in the valley each year and there is no way I could do them all.

Do your research and make wise decisions.  Follow your instincts.  Your wedding day is not something you want to look back on and feel like you "settled."

Call today for your free consultation!  I can’t wait to meet you!