L'amour de Vie

L'amour de Vie

love of life......what's yours?

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About Us
L’amour de Vie (or l’amour de ma vie, for a more grammatically correct approach) is a french expression for "love of life".  The company is founded on creating art-driven and emotionally charged imagery.  Our artists push beyond the typical photojournalism of the new millennium to the unexpected, beautiful, daring and avant-garde.

L’amour de Vie is the collaboration of two artists, Paige of Paige Eden Photography, Inc. and Laura Esmond of Hannah Photography.  Paige and Laura have been collaborating as artists, business owners, and confidants since meeting in 2001.  As their separate businesses grew, they continued supporting one another and nurturing each other’s growth.  Sharing a desire for something more and a mutual respect for art, they found their collaborative work created unusual results.  Something different is what they craved and L’amour de Vie was born.

"Laura has a genuine love for people and it shows in everything she does.  There couldn’t be a more personable fit of who she is and what she does for her calling in life.  I’m always in awe of her talent and inspiration to be a true artist"      -  Paige

"I always learn when I’m with Paige.  She exudes energy for her work and others.  There is no other person in the world like her and ideas flow when we are together.  Her intensity is contagious.  Her work extraordinary."    -   Laura

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