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Weddings are more than a ceremony. Weddings are more than rings. Weddings are more than a reception, more than the dresses and flowers, decorations and catering, limos and tuxedos

Weddings are more than the photos you'll take to remember the most elegant yet comfortable, spectacular yet humbling, exquisite and joyous day of your life. Weddings are a celebration of your love story. Weddings are a symbol of your commitment and a gathering of all the most precious people in your life with one very simple purpose. To allow you to experience the most perfect day you can possibly imagine.

However, regardless of what your personal vision of perfection for your wedding day may be, the planning process often poses a seemingly insurmountable collection of tasks, typically creating a source of stress and tension. This is exactly what weddings are not supposed to be.

This is why at we have created the simplest and most sophisticated online platform for wedding planning the world has ever seen. With WeddingWire you have teams of professionals at your fingertips to help you plan, organize, share ideas and advice, find local vendors and wedding venues.

Typically, finding the perfect wedding venue is the cornerstone of the planning process. A specific wedding site will naturally allow you to begin to get a clearer picture of the day, the nuances and the details that will bring your celebration to life. Depending on your desired location, wedding sites may need to be booked anywhere from months to years in advance. Not to worry. With the easy-to-use resources of your wedding site is only a few clicks away. Until now, finding a single wedding venue that fit all of the considerations of location, timing, budget, size, look and feel has forced many a bride to settle for what was available... we have created with the hope that your biggest problem will be choosing from a list of ideal wedding venues.

Weddings do typically require a number of professional services. Professional wedding photographers. DJs with an in depth understanding of the particular dynamics, wedding songs, ambiance and soundtracks that weddings require. Florists that specialize in weddings. Stores that supply favors, gifts and decorations according to your weddings theme. And of course caterers who understand the expectations and environment common to most weddings.

Weddings are an expression of joy and hope. Weddings are a symbol of love and an everlasting bond. Weddings are an opportunity for all those who adore you to express themselves, whether by showering you with presents or simply being present. Weddings are your chance to begin a new chapter that includes "happily ever after."

Weddings are not a one size fits all type of event. There are big weddings, small weddings, extravagant weddings, humble weddings, intimate weddings and public event weddings. If weddings are your professional niche, we invite you to upload your business information and weddings portfolio. Our members are looking for you!

With, wedding planning is exactly what it should be... fun! Join today and get your wedding websites up and running so your friends and family can follow along as the big day approaches. Play around with our planning tools, your life just got a whole lot easier. Enjoy yourself and share us with your friends. Are you as excited as we are? Yay! We love weddings!!