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Master October 2016

Your Favorite Mimosa Recipes :)

Katie, on September 1, 2016 at 11:28 AM Posted in Do It Yourself 0 15

The only alcohol I really like is vodka, rum, and red wine. My bridesmaids are requesting we have mimosas the morning of the wedding. Most sites I look at just say to use a bottle of champagne. As I am not a champagne drinker I have no idea what is good and whats not. So let me hear your favorite mimosa recipes! Smiley laugh


Latest activity by Carly, on September 4, 2016 at 12:05 AM
  • Lauren B.
    Master October 2015
    Lauren B. ·
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    99% champagne

    1% orange juice

    Smiley smile

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  • FutureMrsGray
    Dedicated September 2017
    FutureMrsGray ·
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    Don't do cheap champagne the morning of that's for sure!

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  • Princess Consuela
    Master November 2015
    Princess Consuela ·
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    Champagne, a shot of Grand Marnier, and a Lauren-sized dollop of OJ Smiley smile

    For something different and delicious, substitute grapefruit vodka and grapefruit juice!

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  • Sangele
    Master April 2016
    Sangele ·
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    Lauren beat me to it!

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  • Britti
    VIP May 2016
    Britti ·
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    This is the mimosa bar from my bridal shower. My BM got several types of fruit, champagne, and juice to mix. It was a big hit!

    Since you're a wine drinker, have you considered doing a sangria for yourself, instead of a mimosa?

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  • Katie
    Master October 2016
    Katie ·
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    I hadn't thought of sangrias! That may be something I look into! What is considered cheap champagne? Like $5-$10 range? What brands are your favorite? I love the idea of putting fruits out for people to make their own and different flavors of juice!

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  • bleucrayon
    Devoted May 2017
    bleucrayon ·
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    I prefer mine with pineapple juice. Really kicks it up a notch!

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  • Maui K
    VIP May 2017
    Maui K ·
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    Here's a little variety Smiley smile

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  • 033118
    Super March 2018
    033118 ·
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    I use the kerns juice cans, I especially like the guava and the peach flavors. It's fun because people can make their own blends!

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  • Laine
    VIP September 2017
    Laine ·
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    Marintini and Rossi Asti is my favorite "champagne". It is sweet. Nothing is really "Champagne" unless it is from Champagne France but people still call it champagne. It is the same thing, just made in different regions. A dryer Prosecco is also good for mimosas!

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  • SteelersBride
    Expert October 2017
    SteelersBride ·
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    This is a really good sangria if your more of a wine drinker like me. So so very good!!!

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  • BecomingBailey
    VIP August 2016
    BecomingBailey ·
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    I will never drink OJ in my mimosa again thanks to blood orange juice. And the one you can get from Costco in a 6 pack for like 13 bucks is AMAZING! And I'm personally a prosecco fan. They also sell some good ones at Costco. Smiley smile

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  • A&W
    Master May 2017
    A&W ·
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    I’ve been sampling Trader Joe’s sparkling wines because I need something inexpensive for the mimosa bar at the wedding. My favorite is definitely La Granja 360 Cava Brut. Pretty much any juice would make for a delicious variation on a mimosa.

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  • j19sweet
    Super November 2016
    j19sweet ·
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    Amaretto, OJ and Proseco. The best! Suprisingly Barefoot Proseco is good and not expensive.

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  • Carly
    Super September 2017
    Carly ·
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    Prosecco, brut. the drier stuff is what's typically used..agree with the posters on 1% juice and also substituting grapefruit and using fresh fruit! grapefruit has less sugar and more vitamin c than oj Smiley smile

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