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Would You Rather? Round Three!

Lynnie, on April 9, 2019 at 11:05 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 18

This week we're playing "would you rather?" - the wedding planning version!! Smiley ring Come tell us which choice you would make in each of these planning decisions!


Ready to get started? Click through the linked discussions below and share your answer in each post! Would you rather....

...have more money or more time to plan?

...change your venue or change your wedding date?

...have a videographer or a second photographer? your own makeup or do your own hair?

...have a first look or wait until you walk down the aisle?

...add 20 guests or cut 20 guests from your guest list?

...have your maid of honor or best man officiate?

...hit fast forward or rewind?

...get no gift or get a gift you didn't register for?

...have a short and luxurious honeymoon or a long and humble honeymoon?

Bonus question for the newlyweds! Would you rather relive your wedding day or relive your honeymoon?



Latest activity by andrea, on June 12, 2019 at 5:37 PM
  • OnCloudRawls
    VIP June 2019
    OnCloudRawls ·
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    The posts do not have a hyperlink.

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  • Krystin
    Expert October 2019
    Krystin ·
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    Hands for feet so I can hide them in my shoes Smiley smile

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  • Anita
    Dedicated December 2019
    Anita ·
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    I would rather have more money

    change my venue

    have a second photographer

    do my own makeup

    add 20 people

    have the best man officiate

    fast forward

    get a gift I didn't register for

    have a short luxuious honeymoon

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  • Marlena
    Expert June 2020
    Marlena ·
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    I love these games
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  • Tara
    Master May 2020
    Tara ·
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    I’m just like that bottom meme, “what do I do!”
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  • Lynnie
    WeddingWire Administrator October 2016
    Lynnie ·
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    Thanks Marlena!! Smiley heart

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  • Lynnie
    WeddingWire Administrator October 2016
    Lynnie ·
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    Genius! Great answer Smiley laugh

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  • V
    Just Said Yes September 2021
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    Id rather more money in my budget and have a long honeymoon
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  • Angelica
    Just Said Yes November 2019
    Angelica ·
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    More money on my budget..
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  • J
    Just Said Yes October 2019
    JoDee ·
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    Interesting question, but wouldn't you have more money if you had more time? After all more time to save means more money. I think it just depends on your personal budget, who is helping and what works for your circumstances when it comes to time. After all, why rush when you have the rest of your life together? So, my answer would be both, time is relevant and money is a necessity, you need both to complete a wedding.

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  • Falonda
    Just Said Yes January 2022
    Falonda ·
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    I'd rather have more money in my budget being that in new Orleans almost everything is expensive example : I found the perfect location and let's just says for food alone it would cost almost 20 grand... Nope even if I was rich I wouldn't pay that much to feed 200 ppl ijs
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  • Stephanie
    Super September 2021
    Stephanie ·
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    Have more money than more time.

    Either on venue or date!

    Videographer than second photographer

    Do my own makeup over doing my hair!

    Wait until you walk down the aisle over first look

    Add 20 guests Over cut 20 guests.

    Maid of honor over the best man officiate.

    Fast forward over rewind

    Get a gift you didnt register for over no gift (its the thought that counts)

    Long&Humble honeymoon over Short&Luxurious Honeymoon.

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  • Maria
    Just Said Yes July 2019
    Maria ·
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    More money in the budget
    Change venue
    Second photographer
    Do my own makeup
    Wait until I walk down the aisle
    Cut 20 guests
    Best man
    Fast forward
    Get a gift I didn't register for
    Long & humble honeymoon
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  • Val
    Dedicated September 2019
    Val ·
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    I’d rather have more money for sure,
    change my venue,
    have a videographer,
    do my own hair,
    wait until I walk down the aisle,
    add 20 guests,
    best man,
    fast forward,
    gift I didn’t register for,
    long and humble (that’s what she said lol, watching too much The Office lately)
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  • D’Ann
    Just Said Yes December 2019
    D’Ann ·
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    More money for sure
    I am super excited about my venue, but save the dates already out so I guess I’d have to change that haha. We have a lot of OOT guests.
    have a videographer
    do my own makeup
    i think we are going to do a first look!
    add 20 guests
    can I pick neither? Really wanted a neutral officiant haha.
    Fast forward
    gift I didn’t register for
    long and humble honeymoon!
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  • Kerstan
    Savvy October 2019
    Kerstan ·
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    I would rather:

    - have more money

    - change my venue (actually tried to but we got "got" pretty good on that one)

    - videographer (we want our kids to be able to watch it one day)

    - do my own makeup

    - have a first look (I love the intimacy of it)

    - add 20 guests

    - maid of honor officiate

    - fast-forward

    - a gift we didn't register for

    - long and humble honeymoon

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  • Jamie
    Dedicated June 2021
    Jamie ·
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    I would rather.....
    ...have more money (because who doesn’t want more money lol and I have a looooong engagement)
    ...change my date (because I love my dream venue and I’d be willing to change my date for it if the venue wasn’t available)
    ...have a videographer (because I couldn’t imagine not having one but I think I could manage with having one photographer...with ninja skills lol) my own hair (because I know more about hairstyling and have more experience with it than makeup because I rarely wear makeup)
    ...wait until I walk down the aisle (because FH and I are traditional)
    ...add 20 guests (because since I’ll have more money I’ll have more flexibility with my budget)
    ...have my MOH officiate (because she’s my sister and I love her and she’s an amazing public speaker and storyteller)
    ...hit fast forward (because again it’s a looong engagement)
    ...get a gift I didn’t register for (because maybe the gift is perfect and I should've registered for it)
    ...have a short and luxurious honeymoon (because quality over quantity)
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  • andrea
    Just Said Yes August 2019
    andrea ·
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    At this point more money

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