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Would you cancel a shower due to coronavirus outbreak?

Spring Bride, on March 12, 2020 at 9:11 PM Posted in Parties and Events 0 10
My girls have been trying to figure out what to do about the shower this weekend. I told them it’s more important to me to make sure everyone is healthy than it is to have a shower. We can worry about that later. They can get a refund for the hall. Not sure about the food. One thinks it’s fine and the other feels very strongly about canceling since they have shut down numerous colleges and companies (I’m in Mass.). It’s going to be about 50 people. What are you brides doing that have a shower coming up in an area where the virus is spreading ?


Latest activity by Olivia, on March 13, 2020 at 4:38 PM
  • Madelyn
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    Madelyn ·
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    I have a bridal shower this Sunday at church. I have no plans on cancelling it. Life has to go on and if someone doesn’t feel comfortable or feels ill- then I do not blame them for coming to the shower.
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  • VIP November 2021
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    I agree with madelyn.. I’m in RI so we are neighbors lol as scary as it is.. Coronavirus has been around for years this is a new strain that em they don’t know too much about yet and has everyone in a panic.. realistically more people die from the flu itself — I know it’s hard and scary when we don’t fully understand and it is spreading/causing a fuss but life needs to continue as normal (with extra precautions obviously) I wouldn’t put anything on hold (unless absolutely needed)
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  • W
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    Willow ·
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    Disneyland in So Cal closed 3 hours ago. The President of the United States made contact with someone confirmed to have coronavirus. A movie star came down with the virus. I hope that makes everyone realize how serious this is. Having a bunch of people in one area, buffet style food, and presents passing a number of hands is not ideal. We need to think of the greater good in these times.

    I would cancel, as devastating as it is.
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  • Eshell
    Devoted July 2021
    Eshell ·
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    I wouldn’t if EACH person coming feels healthy , not sniffling not coughing not vomiting then MAYBE it will be okay. But as you know virus 🦠 we cannot see with the naked eye. Is everyone local ?????
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  • N
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    N ·
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    I have one on Sunday. We’re going forward. Yes this is scary, but life does have to go on while everyone practices precautions. We’ll look back on this time in a few months and we’ll all be upset we let fear get the better of us.

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  • Kelly
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    Kelly ·
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    I found this article really helpful, its an interview with public health experts on what to do in these types of situations. It also addresses weddings and parties.
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  • Melle
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    Melle ·
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    I would still have it but understand if people decline out of their comfort and fear
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  • Hanna
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    Hanna ·
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    It depends. Massachusetts is not doing well right now and 50 people is a lot depending on how large the space is. Is the venue large enough for guests to easily be able to spread apart? Will there be guests over 60 years old and/or those with underlying health conditions? And what will the food situation be? Plated meals are probably fine but most buffet restaurants in coronavirus hot-spots have temporarily shut down... Lots to consider, but if it were me, I would postpone.

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  • D
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    Danielle ·
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    I would still go ahead with it but explain that if anyone doesnt want to come you understand.

    People are still going to work, gyms, clubs etc ATM so they could pick it up from any of those places. I wouldnt cancel personally.

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  • Olivia
    Savvy May 2021
    Olivia ·
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    I would also consider asking what measures the venue has taken to protect both their workers and guests. How often have they begin sanitizing their prep area, etc., because the venue and those preparing the food is a great concern as well.
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