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So, this is my second pregnancy. During my 1st I had severe nausea. To the point I threw up about 3-4 times a day. It was the worst experience. At that time I wasn’t working, so I was able to just get support from my family at the time. As for this pregnancy I am starting to get the serve nausea again. My wedding is next month and I’m afraid it’s going to get bad. I have work & my fiancé said I could leave if need be to finish with the wedding & dealing with my nausea, but I’m not sure how to come about it to my job if it gets bad enough. I’ve been working here for about 7 months & not sure how to approach. I can barley make it through the day as is and so worry about finishing everything for the wedding day since I already put in a lot of time & money. Has anyone else had to leave a job due to nausea, how did you go about it? And any tips on dealing with nausea during wedding day?


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    If you need a medical leave from work, you will need to request it through the process your work has in place. At my work, this would involve going out on FMLA. A doctor would have to certify that you need the time off due to your medical condition. If you have hyperemesis gravidarum, there are treatments that sometimes work so I would begin with a visit to your doctor.

    My work would not give time off just because I asked even if I was unwell. I would need to follow the process. Planning my wedding would be of no consideration to them at all. Only the medical condition.

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    I’m not sure if you are asking about leaving your job as in taking off work but remaining employed, or leaving as in quitting. If you are talking about taking a leave of absence, you would need to contact your HR department to see if your company offers any options that would accommodate your situation. I am sure the first suggestion will be for you to use your sick time/vacation/PTO on days you don’t feel well. If you are wanting to just leave work for an entire month, the only two options I can think of are an unpaid leave of absence (if your employer offers them), or FMLA. However, if you reside in the US, you will likely not be eligible for FMLA, as it typically requires you to have worked for your employer for at least 12 months before becoming eligible. If you work for a small family-owned type of business, they may be more lenient and more apt to work with you on finding out a solution. Not sure what your position entails, but if it is something that could potentially be done from home, you could also request to temporarily work remotely. Either way, this is definitely a question for your HR.

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