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Who pays?

Lynnijah, on December 7, 2017 at 8:22 AM Posted in Honeymoon

Who typically pays for the honeymoon?? I am fortunate enough to have my father pay for the entire wedding with a budget of 75,000 but i do not want to over do it and have him pay for the honeymoon as well. I am very curious to know who typically pays for the honeymoon?



  • Megan
    Expert September 2017
    Megan ·

    You do

  • Terri
    Savvy November 2017
    Terri ·

    Uhm this one seems relatively easy - you and FH pay for it if it's not gifted to you.

  • Maleficent
    Super January 2018
    Maleficent ·

    Wow, yes I would not even request for him to pay for the honeymoon after being willing to help you guys out so much.

    You and your FH need to pay for the honeymoon.

  • FutureMrs.L
    Master September 2018
    FutureMrs.L ·

    . You...

    My parents are paying for our wedding, which we're beyond grateful for. We're also paying for some small items, and our honeymoon. Even though my parents are paying for the wedding, it wouldn't be right to also have them to pay for the honeymoon

    We're not asking for someone to pay for our honeymoon.

  • OGJessieJV
    Master July 1867
    OGJessieJV ·

    The couple. How old are you? Who pays for your vacations now?

  • Frida
    Devoted July 2018
    Frida ·


  • Jennifer
    Devoted August 2017
    Jennifer ·

    You and your groom should pay. Although my MIL bought our honeymoon as a wedding present (Also she wanted me to meet his extended family so she sent us to their home country).

  • M
    Devoted December 2018
    MissDec1 ·

    A few decades ago, it would have been the FH. However, in the past 10+ years, the couple does it together.

  • Keisha
    Master September 2018
    Keisha ·

    If you do not want to ask your day who do you think is gonna pay? No your inlaws do not owe you shit cause your dad is giving you money. Pay for your honeymoon yourself

  • Going to the chapel
    Master July 2017
    Going to the chapel ·

    My parents paid for the majority of our wedding, but I would never take advantage and expect them to pay $75,000 - then pay for a honeymoon. Surprise your parents and pay for part of the wedding yourselves AND your honeymoon.

  • Sarah
    Super September 2017
    Sarah ·

    Uhhhhhh. You pay for it. It’s extremely gracious of him to fund your entire wedding but no, you shouldn’t expect him to fund your honeymoon after already giving you $75K (ridiculous, imo). And you shouldn’t expect your future in laws to pay for it either. Agree with PPs, how old are you? Have you taken a vacation before? Who paid for it then?

  • Celia Milton
    Celia Milton ·

    You do. After 75,000 gifted to you? I'd pay for them too, lol....

  • K
    Expert July 2018
    K ·

    A honeymoon is probably pocket change compared to the wedding and I'm thinking your father probably can afford to give you more; HOWEVER, you shouldn't ask. It's time to cut the financial cord.

  • Kristin
    Dedicated July 2018
    Kristin ·

    "Traditionally" it is the groom's family that pays. But I wouldn't expect it or ask for it in 2017. I would plan to pay for it on your own unless someone generously offers to gift it to you. We are paying for ours. My FH's brother git married earlier this year and we know their mother generously gifted them a sizeable amount of cash that they were told they could use as they needed, for the honeymoon or renovations for the house they just bought, or towards the wedding as they see fit (since money is fungible it doesn't really matter exactly what they put it towards) and we figure she will do the same for us, but we will not be asking for it or expecting it, and have a honeymoon budget saved by us.

  • Aly
    Expert June 2018
    Aly ·

    You pay for your honeymoon.

  • Chris
    Devoted July 2012
    Chris ·

    I honestly cannot understand how this is a question. Why would an adult ask who pays for a trip they are taking? I mean, don't adults pay for their own trips? My parents haven't paid for one of my vacations since I was 16.

  • Kate
    Dedicated December 2017
    Kate ·

    I read your post as saying your dad is paying and gave you a budget of $75k, but that you want to spend less than that on the wedding because you don't want to overdo the wedding; so then the money covers the honeymoon as well--- is that right?

    You should be the ones paying unless someone offers.

  • Kristin
    Dedicated July 2018
    Kristin ·

    But yeah I would NOT ask your dad

  • FutureMrs.L
    Master September 2018
    FutureMrs.L ·

    Kate C, I got she doesn't want to over do it in asking him to pay for the honeymoon too.

  • Ashley
    VIP March 2018
    Ashley ·

    The couple who is going on the honeymoon

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