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Who Are You Saying "Thank You" To During Your Speech?

Lisa, on November 25, 2021 at 11:04 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 4
On the topic of thankfulness this week: for those who are planning to give a speech at your own wedding (or even at your rehearsal dinner), are you planning to say "thank you" to anyone during your speech? Maybe to your parents for their support, or to your wedding party for helping you plan, or your vendors for making the day as flawless as possible? Who are you saying "thank you" to during your speech, and why?


Latest activity by Alisha, on November 28, 2021 at 5:51 PM
  • Mcskipper
    Master July 2018
    Mcskipper ·
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    Everyone. Mostly a thanks to everyone for coming, an extra thank you to our parents for all their help, and a thanks to the vendors for making the show run. But I’d call the “point” of the speech for us was mostly to thank everyone for showing up and celebrating with us.
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  • Emilia
    Expert June 2019
    Emilia ·
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    Like Mcskipper, we thanked everyone for coming. And then we had a special, traditional moment of saying thank you and giving gifts to our parents.

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  • CountryBride
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    We are saying thank you to our guests, to our parents , loved ones
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  • Alisha
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    Alisha ·
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    We said thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us on our special day and how much it means to us that they were there.

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