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Where to start

on October 12, 2021 at 5:40 PM Posted in Planning 0 7
I'm newly engaged 馃拲 and not sure where to start. Any words of wisdom or advice please share


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  • Allie
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    The best place to start is to decide what kind of wedding you want to have. Do you want it to be small and intimate with just a few people, do you want to include everyone you know? Once you have that down, you can create your guest list to get an idea of what kind of venue you might be looking for. Some venues only host small weddings and others have a minimum number. After you get a guest list figured out, I'd say put together a budget of how much you can afford to spend. After the budget, start researching the venues. Good luck!

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  • Just Said Yes November 2023
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    Thank you馃榿馃榿
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  • Bird
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    My best advice would be to wait to start planning. I dove head first into planning and made some rash decisions and looking back, I think it would have been wiser to truly think about it more before booking vendors.

    Good luck and congratulations on finding your true love!
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  • Tory
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    I totally agree with this! Definitely give some time to enjoy being engaged and think about what you want and expect before diving into planning
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  • Samantha
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    We got the Budget Savvy Wedding Planning book and after a few weeks to just bask in the engagement glow, we went through and filled out the questionnaires and worksheets at the beginning of the book. It was super helpful and helped us narrow down what sort of venues to visit (and actually predicted we'd be changing our mind and that we'd skip the traditional, big wedding in favor of something smaller and intimate). FH hadn't really thought about wedding planning at all and that was a super easy and kind of fun way for us both to jump into it together.

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  • Josie
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    Congratulations! One of the first things I did was start a wedding Pinterest board and add sub-categories to it with things I liked (dress, hair, makeup, venues, cakes, Etc). It helped me establish what kind of vision I had for the wedding. Then we looked for venues together that aligned with both of our visions, and picked a date that was also available at the venue of our choice. Venue is a big one, so I recommend booking that first, everything else kind of falls into place once you have a set venue and date, because you'll need to give that info to the rest of your vendors before you book them. I also recommend, if you're able to, give yourself time, enjoy the journey and don't rush things if possible. We're having an 18 month engagement and we're perfectly okay with that. It gives us time to plan exactly what we want, choose vendors we like, and most importantly, save money for these things! Happy Planning!

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  • Tina & Darren
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    Tina & Darren
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    So have you picked a date first ..then what kind of wedding do u want to have ...

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