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Super October 2020

What went wrong for your wedding?

Eri, on October 6, 2020 at 10:07 AM Posted in Planning 0 17
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You might be thinking, "Um, it's 2020 - what didn't go wrong?!" And I totally get it.

But I guess I'm looking to chat about some of the more "typical" things that have gotten messed up this year, global pandemic aside. Because things have been going wrong long before COVID, and will afterwards. Reminding myself that these things are normal helps.

We're dealing with so many little things popping up that I just have to laugh.

Here's some of the recent ones:

- Men's Wearhouse ordered the wrong tux for my fiancé and it's too late to fix. (Tip: do not use Men's Wearhouse.)

- Something happened with our hotel block and our room is the only one registered.

- We need to find a microphone stand last-minute.

- Miscommunication with the florist; we need to pick up greens from them this week and then DIY the centerpieces, while I was under the impression the florist was putting them together.

- We have to cover the cost for one of the groomsmen's suits.

- My venue has a bunch of rules about pictures that they didn't tell me when booking.

- I ordered a copper cake-cutting set months ago and the seller kept telling me to rest assured, that it would arrive in time. Narrator: it did not arrive in time. I had to cancel and Amazon Prime myself a cheap one.

- We're not having a rehearsal... so I can't wait to see what goofs happen at the ceremony, lol.

What about you?


  • Kristen
    Rockstar November 2020
    Kristen ·
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    What is going wrong or could go wrong?

    Well, FH today says a Cat 3 or 4 hurricane is hitting our honeymoon spot so we will see.

    With all these brides posting about rain on their wedding now I am worried that will be my day.

    Trying to diet and remain calm when mentally I am breaking down due to stress.

    Venue only has one getting ready room so I have to change the time of our use so FH can get ready there.

    He ordered his suit late (had money saved up for his portion of the wedding and honeymoon but he needed to get his car fixed and of course he had a VW -_- and after shelling out 4,000 he ended up needing to get a whole new car so that depleted his funds. His suit that he ordered online does not fit well in the pants so we are hoping he can get it altered but worst case he needs to buy off the rack and he is a big guy so easier said than done.

    I was told that even though my seamstress will steam out my dress once it is back in the bag the train will wrinkle a bit and on the day of before the ceremony I will need to steam it out. Sorry to sound like a pain but not how I wanted to spend getting ready for the ceremony and clearly no time to do that ahead of time and my lovely officiant will bring the dress for me but I am not going to ask her to do that task.

    Soooooooo yeah! LOL

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  • Blair
    Super June 2021
    Blair ·
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    So far there is a threat of a hurricane coming to ruin mine. I'm praying it won't hit us.

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  • Meghan
    Rockstar October 2019
    Meghan ·
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    Our florist forgot 2 of our bridesmaid bouquets. Luckily, my bridesmaids were able to take the toss bouquet and divide it into 2 bouquets for the bridesmaids! They were also smart to not tell me about that until AFTER the wedding lol. I would have lost my mind!

    Another, very minor, issue we had was our phot booth shut down 30 minutes early. It was mostly annoying because I paid them for a certain amount of time and because some of our guests didn't make it to the photo booth due to the early shut down.

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  • Chrysta
    Rockstar November 2021
    Chrysta Online ·
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    My wedding has been postponed, so I still have quite a ways to go. However, I picked up my wedding dress and it doesn’t fit! 😫 (thanks for those extra 20 lbs covid!). Also, the coordinator at our venue is forever messing up. Like seriously, every email she’s sent me has at least one thing she has messed up. The newest one, just this morning, was an email from her asking me to call her and give her my credit card to reserve our hotel room (which, by the way, she assured me months ago was already reserved and I have already given her my credit card number). On top of that, she has incorrect arrival and departure dates, and incorrect price for the room 🤦🏼‍♀️ When we first booked with this venue, there was a different woman in her position who was organized and always on top of things. This new lady is giving me some serious doubts and concerns! When I first spoke to her she said she could act as a day of coordinator, but I am really starting to think I would be better off doing it myself or hiring a DOC!
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  • V
    Master July 2019
    Veronica ·
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    I got married last year, but we had a few things go wrong.

    - My father and brother drove the Wednesday before the wedding 1 hour each way to get their tuxes from Men's Warehouse (closest one to wear they live) and when they got their they were informed that the truck with their tuxes was in an accident and they had no idea when the tuxes would arrive. The sales woman was very rude and basically said there was nothing they could do so they couldn't get their tuxes until the Friday before. When they got on Friday, the lady thought the shirt was the wrong measurement for my brother it didn't fit him and they had to search the store for the right size shirt. My dad also lost a bunch of weight so his pants didn't properly, but they couldn't give him the right size so he had to use pins to hold his pants up because he didn't have suspenders and didn't think to buy any.

    - Our florist was a wreck and I almost fired her several times beforehand and I should have. She forgot my pin that was my something old so I had to borrow my sister-in-law's earrings which were my husband's grandmother's. She also used the wrong color roses. I had wanted the stems wrapped so we wouldn't poke ourselves with thorns, but instead she bought bouquet holders without telling me and they were falling out of the holders because they weren't properly secured.

    - I misplaced my necklace and earrings the morning of the wedding so my bridesmaids and mom spent 30-45 minutes looking for it. It was eventually found, but I didn't get any detail shots of my jewelry and as many getting ready photos as I would have liked.

    - I had told the venue we didn't want a champagne toast because my dad is a recovering alcoholic. They apparently forgot and my dad accidentally drank it thinking it was sparkling grape juice since I told everyone we weren't having a champagne toast. Of course, he was really upset and I was definitely worried. He was already planning on leaving early because he didn't want to be around the alcohol so we closed the bar until he left.

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  • Melle
    Rockstar June 2019
    Melle ·
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    What went wrong at mine:

    - too windy for my aisle runner or rather didn’t have anything to keep it down but that’s ok aha the aisle runner wasn’t important anyway - photo taking session was too short, I should have allotted more time especially because the venue we chose to take photos at we didn’t know there was gonna be some restrictions and it took us longer to get things ready- our chair rental company said they couldn’t pick up the chairs same day even though they were supposed to! But that’s ok the ceremony venue was our church so we held them there til next day. - the reception venue wasn’t letting my DOC do things like put tables we had agreed on in certain places but at the end of the day I don’t quite care that we had a table here rather than there, ya know? - our cake sucked aha I actually didn’t eat it but from what I heard it wasn’t great
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  • Kia
    Dedicated September 2021
    Kia ·
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    Four years ago my childhood friend from Cali had the most amazing wedding photos. Finally when it was my turn, I contacted that photographer and it was going to be about $9k to fly her out to Chicago. $5500 for the photos then I needed to pay for Hotel for three days, $850 one time travel fee, flight to and from LA, a rental car for three says etc. 🙄 Fine. One day she emails me saying she’s pregnant with her fifth child and would be due around the time of my wedding and gives me my options: I can get my deposit back or I can utilize her random friend instead (but at the same price). I don’t response to the email immediately- I just start looking for a photographer in Chicago. Naturally I found one because it’s Chicago; we schedule a meeting for the next day after work. The next day, not even 24 hours later, she emails me AGAIN saying she lost the baby, retracts her previous email and says she can’t wait to do my photos. After my meeting with the new photographer I respond to her first email requesting the deposit back. Then waited ten minutes and responded to the second email saying how sorry I was for her loss but reiterating that she can go ahead and send me my money back. SHE. FLIPPED. She went on and on about how she was confused as to why I would want my money back when she was available now.... how could I just turn my back on her...Blah blah blah.

    Went to go pick out the suits at men’s wearhouse. The lady helping us just had BRAIN SURGERY three months ago and it was her first day back. She offered us whatever sale they normally have, goes through the entire transaction and as we’re leaving the manager yells at her across the store that that sale isn’t valid anymore. We start all over. They refuse to let us try on the suits to see everything together. Fine. Months later I log into MW account because we have now postponed and I need to change our rental dates and notice that they assigned us PINK ties and vests. Not what I agreed on. My brother also didn’t say anything about that when he went to get fitted. The pandemic is happening so no one can make any corrections. I email MW and they respond Two months later.
    Also in March when COVID first started I contacted my venue to see what the process would be to change my date, if they had my new date available blah blah blah. My coordinator explained the Covid process to postponing and confirmed they had the date available. Perfect. I emailed all other vendors after she responded asking the same thing (date availability and changes/restrictions) everyone responded and gave me the new prices if their prices changed. (It was moving from a Friday wedding to a Saturday wedding). Husband and I talked it over and three day’s later decided to postpone due to half of our guests being hospitality employees and me knowing this was going to devastate our industry and their finances. We mass email every vendor telling them to go ahead and move it. Four days later she emails me saying her manager told her she can’t move my date because it’s too early and, “hope that’s okay” HER LITERAL VERBIAGE.
    No it was not okay.
    Then emails me again and says oh I didn’t realize you were moving from a Friday to a Saturday that’s going to change the price as well.
    🙃🙃 love the venue. Hate my coordinator.
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  • Minimalist Bride
    Master April 2021
    Minimalist Bride ·
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    Whew, reading some of these responses make my blood pressure increase.
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  • Marissa
    Expert October 2020
    Marissa ·
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    My wedding is this Saturday, but so far leading up to the day, a few things have gone wrong.

    - Well for one, my venue coordinator is just awful at communicating. The only way to contact her is by landline at the venue, no email or texting. And they're only open Thurs-Sat, so every time I had any questions, I always had to wait till the end of the week and call. And when I did speak with her it just seemed so fast that I always forget to ask other questions I might've had. It was such a pain.

    - I rented about 50 chairs for the ceremony, before knowing we had to uninvite guests because of covid. I told the rental company that now I only needed 25. They said they were going to refund me for those extra chairs, but still haven't gotten that yet Smiley sad

    - The Musicians I hired changed things last minute on us without telling us until 2 weeks before the wedding. My FH and I were very disappointed about this. Yesterday I just told them we are no longer needing their services. Luckily I found a backup!

    - Found out it's predicted to rain on my day. Which is very upsetting and not how I pictured the day will go at all. I bought some cute clear umbrellas for photos, but just hoping and praying some of the rain stops!

    - And along with the rain, since my bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets are silk rentals, I was just informed they CANNOT get wet because the flowers can bleed and get water damage. And if this happens I will be charge the retail rate, which is 150% of the rental cost. So I'm VERY nervous about my flowers getting wet, and now that it's predicted to rain, I won't be able to go outside with them to take cute photos in the rain. This is not a huge deal, but definitely am worried.

    Hoping on the wedding day, everything is better!

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  • Destiny
    Savvy October 2020
    Destiny ·
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    My wedding coordinator who also owns the venue has not helped plan once and barely answered since hiring her and my wedding is in two weeks, so there’s that. Also, the best man (my dog) died, and the people we bumped our wedding up for (due to impending terminal illness and military obligations) can’t be here now because of covid. Which we WOULD have rescheduled the wedding, BUT THE OWNER/ COORDINATOR NEVER ANSWERS.

    Things are going great.
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  • Rebecca
    Rockstar August 2019
    Rebecca ·
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    I have found that Men's Wearhouse is entirely dependent on which one you go to. DH was prewarned, and avoided the problem one... and they still tried to put him in his sister's suit (she was his groomswoman), and tried to charge him $400 (we had enough tux rentals to qualify him for the free one). He looked good, though. (Points to the BM for having a picture of my dress to help match DH's vest/tie to it... without showing DH.)

    My mother declined to come and threw such a hissy fit about it that we haven't spoken since June 2020, and she made the entire rest of her family not come.

    Because her name wasn't on the invitations (she neither paid, nor helped plan), and this made my cousins "not feel connected to the wedding" (we have never shared a name, they are my mother's sister's kids... I *do* have the family name as my middle name, but apparently that didn't count?).

    I didn't give two figs about my mother, but I had hoped a few cousins would ignore her drama.

    This meant we couldn't invite friends we had cut earlier, because my family were jerks and some of them still haven't RSVP'd.

    Anyway, that was all BEFORE the wedding.

    Day of?

    A piece of lace on my bodice kept falling down.

    That's it, day of.

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  • Yasmine
    Rockstar October 2020
    Yasmine ·
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    My dog chewed up my heel that I planned on wearing so literally 1 hour before my minimony I had to figure out another pair of shoes 😂
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  • Crystal
    Dedicated November 2020
    Crystal ·
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    Chrysta, It seems you have plenty of time and she has given you enough doubts to fire her and hire someone in her place. We did not even pay for a full coordinator, we only got a month of coordinator and day of kind of just to ensure the day plays out properly and she has already done so much more than it sounds like your lady.

    Could you imagine this lady you have executing your day of.... i do not think you will be confident to let her do "her thing" (cuz her thing has been wrong so much) on your special day and you will be having to micro manage instead of enjoying your moment.

    Good luck!

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  • Kelly
    Super October 2019
    Kelly ·
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    We got married last year.

    What went wrong:

    A bridesmaid back out last minute (a bunch of drama with that one)

    A groomsman drank & did who knows what, the night before the wedding (we actually all partied that night - but the groomsman went way too hard) and he never made it to the wedding (apparently his wife found him crawling in the hotel hallway at like 3 am - it was a Marriott hotel.

    The baker didn't put the cake topper on our cake. This really bothered me, because I didn't like the baker - but my finance really liked the cakes (he is a sweet guy) so I let him pick out the baker. We did change the topper a month before the wedding, I called & personally spoke to the owner & told her how the topper was going to look, she didn't put it on the cake as I asked (instead she put it next to the cake) because per her it looked better (she was very hard to deal w/).

    What went wrong & is hilarious now:

    We almost forgot our dog. I had instructions for my now husband, and he got confused & thought that the dog walker was picking the dog up @ the hotel (my husband was supposed to bring the dog), we didn't realize until about 30 mins before the wedding when we were taking pics. Luckily my bridesmaid husband was still in the area, and was able to go back & the hotel manager walked him into the room to get the dog. When we were waiting for the dog, I was sitting in a chair in the bridal suite & my best friend took the most hilarious photo of me, telling me not to cry. lol. Meanwhile in the grooms room the guys decided it was a good time to do shot lol. Fortunately no one got very drunk. But a co-worker of mine told my husband before the wedding to have Hennessy in the room that they will need. My husband took his advise. However, he is not a big drinker so all the grooms were super surprised that they had Hennessy in the room. The dog arrived & I was in the reception room by myself & everyone else was outside under the tent & when he (dog) walked in everyone cheered. It was really fun to see. This is one of our stories we tell when we talk about our wedding day.

    When we realized that we lost the groomsman my husband (well finance then) texted me & said I have something to tell you & it's better to say in person (it was like an hour before the wedding), I immediately texted, oh no is grandpa ok (he is 95) my husband told his brother what I texted & his brother said, well you are good. Her mind went to the worse case, this won't be anything bad. We laugh about this now.

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  • Kelsey
    VIP September 2020
    Kelsey ·
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    What went wrong a few minor things and a few larger ones leading up to.

    Leading up to:

    1. One of my husband's groomsman flew in with his wife and child and expected a lot of things from us that were just unreasonable. A. Staying in our 2 bedroom apartment for a night when we already had the best man staying with us. B. Him expecting my husband to pay for an extra night at the hotel. C. Assuming we allowed them to stay expected my dog to go somewhere else. D. Expecting to use my husband's car whenever because they couldn't afford a rental. So needless to say I wasn't exactly thrilled with them to start with because of their demands. Still not big fans of them.

    2. My now SIL, there was so much drama with her this year it would take too long to discuss. But up until the Friday before the wedding we weren't sure if her and her family were coming.

    3. Men's Wearhouse. We didn't know when it would reopen with the pandemic and no one would give me an answer online. So I lied and said the entire wedding was called off; then went to a local place that was so much better.

    Day of:

    1. The dinner was served family style for the head table, then buffet for the rest of the guests. I thought the green beans were kind of cold and a few other minor things.

    2. When the family style platters were served, the head table had no plates.

    3. During the Zoom ceremony, my aunt who was watching kept trying to talk during it so eventually the person doing the Zoom for us turned the volume off. Then my aunt kept hitting buttons because of the volume then being off so then everyone else who was watching couldn't see the ceremony.

    4. During the shoe game, no one unless super close to the dance floor could hear what was going on so that was somewhat disappointing to find out.

    5. I ended up getting super overheated at the venue, I kept asking them to please turn the air up more. Finally I ended up getting sick towards the end of the night because I got so warm. This is now something I laugh at because when I was in the bathroom my mom and cousin brought me a cup of ice and dumped half it down my dress to cool me off. Still not completely over it but I'm getting there lol

    6. My SIL yelled at the kids on the dance floor and terrified my co-workers son. So my co-worker ended up leaving due to her son crying so much. My SIL also insulted my MOH during the gift opening the next day.

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  • Jessalyn
    Dedicated September 2020
    Jessalyn ·
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    Other than what was due to the general 2020-ness of this year, things mostly went really well and I'm so glad we got to celebrate with our nearest and dearest, even if it looked quite a bit different than we'd originally planned.

    The one thing that turned out to be kind of a mess was that, since we downsized from 130 people to 15 (including us) and moved from our original venue to a private residence, we didn't have a day-of coordinator. It hadn't even occurred to me that we'd need one with just 13 guests attending, but it would definitely have been helpful. I assumed my husband would be greeting everyone as they arrived and showing them the tote bags we'd put together for each household that had beverages, hand sanitizer, favors, picnic blankets, etc - or that he'd ask his best man to do so. Unbeknownst to me, they were both in a pitched battle with my husband's bow tie for most of the time people were arriving, so that didn't happen. Smiley xd We had planned to set up picnic-style on the back deck and in the yard (with decent lawn furniture for our parents) to keep things outdoors and well spread out, but some of our guests voiced strong opposition to that plan in the moment. I caved because I didn't have time to sort it out diplomatically while trying to do photos and we just opened all the windows and had everyone pick a corner, but I feel like a day-of coordinator would have handled that better than I did. Nothing that left a lasting impression, I don't think, but there were some jerky moments of transition that I think wouldn't have happened with a day-of coordinator.

    The only other thing that went wrong was that the pizza place that delivered our meals (no receptions, so also no caterers, in our state due to COVID-19 for about two months prior to our wedding until the week before, by which point we'd decided wedding pizza, champagne, and cake sounded just fine) forgot the salads. The best man and one of the bridesmaids were on the phone with them before I even knew it was a problem, though, and the pizza place delivered them about half an hour later.

    All in all, nothing major!

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  • Super August 2020
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    Almost everything that went wrong was at least somewhat pandemic-related, but hopefully this will help anyway. We came to terms with the VERY 2020 things, and all of our smaller crises were averted:

    I went to look for a tracking number for the groom's tux, only to realize there wasn't one. Apparently the customer service person who had helped us reschedule had rescheduled the ENTIRE order and didn't leave the groom's tux on the original date as requested (very clearly, over email). Fortunately, they were able to get one to us on time.
    I only had two dress fittings because the seamstress was so worried about covid. One in January, one in July where the seamstress didn't even want to let me try on the dress. I was able to try it on, but I had to go in alone. It fit, but I wasn't happy with it (it wouldn't stay up without straps, which I definitely didn't want) but I was to flustered by the situation to say anything at the time, so I didn't. I came up with a solution and my mom sewed it together for me a week before the wedding so it ended up being okay.

    It was also forecasted to rain on the day of our (outdoor) wedding because of a hurricane that was moving through. I bought an umbrella in our wedding colors and our photographer said she'd bring clear ones. We came up with a way to put an extra tent over the arch because our florist was worried that it could be ruined by rain. And then the hurricane moved north more quickly than it was predicted and we had beautiful weather.
    One of the tablecloths was missing when the rentals were delivered The day before the wedding. The person who dropped them off said they'd bring another one later that night, but they didn't, and they didn't say anything. Fortunately, it was dropped off the next morning.
    The only thing that even kind of affected the wedding was that the groom was never given a cue to come out. So I had to stop walking down/toward the "aisle" (it's complicated) while he was summoned. Even that worked out, though. We still got married!
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