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Savvy July 2016

What to do about sand floor

FutureMrsD, on August 28, 2015 at 10:54 AM Posted in Planning 0 14

I'm having my reception in a riding arena and the flooring is sand. I don't want sand and would like to get flooring. The room is 60ft by 80 ft. I thought about plywood but even that will be very expensive to cover. Does any one have any cheap suggestions? I can't change the venue because it was crush my fiance and his family. He wants to have it at his family farm. I'm trying to work with what I have.


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  • valcupcake
    Dedicated September 2016
    valcupcake ·
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    There are those foam interlocking tiles that can be rented. I'm not sure what they are called...

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  • purplekitten
    Master October 2015
    purplekitten ·
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    Why don't you have your reception somewhere that isn't made of something you don't want?

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  • Staci
    Master September 2014
    Staci ·
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    I think it is going to be pretty expensive. 60 by 80 feet is quite an area to cover.

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  • Janet
    Expert October 2015
    Janet ·
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    You could have just a portion of it covered for a dance floor? that way, you aren't paying for such a huge covering

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  • OriginalKD
    Master December 2015
    OriginalKD ·
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    ^ Why did you choose a venue that had a significant undesirable characteristic

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  • EatKnitRun
    Master May 2016
    EatKnitRun ·
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    Rent flooring. Putting down hay is technically another option, but that could be problematic with allergies, and then they whole ring will smell like hay if it didn't already. This was one factor in why we chose to not have our wedding at my FILs stables.

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  • Katy
    Master September 2015
    Katy ·
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    Why don't you just find a non-sand venue if you don't like sand?

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  • FutureMrsD
    Savvy July 2016
    FutureMrsD ·
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    We are having it at my fiances family farm, and he really wants it to be there, otherwise I would have picked a different venue.

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  • JoRocka
    Master September 2016
    JoRocka ·
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    Why would you have a reception IN a riding arena and then have an issue with the presumably already there arena material. I mean I'd get it if it was dirty packed and they upgraded to an engineered arena- but I assume you knew what it was when you picked it.

    cheap suggestion? find a new venue.

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  • LB
    Master May 2014
    LB ·
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    Is plywood really that expensive for a 60x80 space? I've done trade show booths that were bigger than that and flooring was maybe a few thousand dollars.

    If that's too much, why not use the financial burden as a reason to find another venue? I assume your guests will be less thrilled than you are about attending a wedding at a riding arena filled with sand. I mean...that's a stable right? A riding stable?

    Good luck and think about changing your avatar to a may get more thoughtful responses.

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  • Princess Consuela
    Master November 2015
    Princess Consuela ·
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    I just saw pictures of a friend's wedding that was on a ranch, and the whole "floor" was loose dirt. She said kids were running around kicking up dust all night, and in general was just awful for guests. However, she also said that the reason they had stuck with it was because covering an entire area was just too expensive and not worth the hassle.

    I'm saying this because I don't know that there ARE any inexpensive options. Can you use this as an excuse to get a new venue with his family? Or have a ceremony there and reception elsewhere?

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  • Reese
    Master July 2015
    Reese ·
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    Can you have the wedding somewhere else on the farm other than the riding arena? Like a grassy area?

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  • M
    Master July 2015
    m ·
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    60x80ft.... for a slightly larger area than that, do you know what the rental company wanted to do sub-flooring and staging(which would be necessary on that kind of floor?)

    $48,000. Just to ensure I have not made a typo - FORTY EIGHT THOUSAND.

    Find another location on the farm. There's no cheap way to do this.

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  • K
    Just Said Yes May 2022
    Keri ·
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    I'm in the same boat in planning my wedding. The arena is the best location as everywhere else is not flat or there may be mud due to the spring season. A lot of unhelpful people and answers on here.

    So what did you end up doing?

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