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What is the greenery in a bouquet?

Elizabeth, on May 29, 2021 at 9:29 AM Posted in Style and Décor 0 7
I can't figure it out. Are they branches from trees? Lol or eucalyptus leaves? What are the greenery options for bouquet? Plant names is what I'm looking for.


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  • Cyndy
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    There are a variety of types of greenery your florist can choose from for your bouquets (see link below). I would tell them what you like and they will let you know what’s available.


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  • Taylor
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    Taylor ·
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    There’s so many options based on what you’re looking for. Shade, texture, style, etc. I found this website helpful when trying to see what I liked - https://flowermoxie.com/collections/greenery. We are going to go with eucalyptus!
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  • Ashley
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    Ashley ·
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    Eucalyptus is pretty! I’m doing something like this. What is the greenery in a bouquet? 1

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  • Michelle
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    Do you have a picture? Many bouquets have no greenery at all. Take a look at fiftyflowers.com for a list of options.
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  • Mrs.a
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    What is the greenery in a bouquet? 2
    My bouquet was almost all greenery. It had ferns, eucalyptus (both seeded and leaf), dusty Miller, etc.
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  • Christy
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    Christy ·
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    We are using eucalyptus & Dusty Miller. FYI: you don’t have to get super specific (unless there is something you absolutely love). Your florist will walk you through your options & their recommendations. Just bring pictures of what you like & be prepared to discuss what it is about the pics that appeal to you and what doesn’t. Also, check the florists website to make sure their style matches what you want.

    I stressed out hard on the florals because I had zero idea of what kind of flowers I wanted or that were in season & I felt the need to know & control absolutely EVERYTHING before I met with my florist but I was clueless. By the time I left my floral appointment everything just felt like it fell into place! It was by far the most satisfying vendor meeting I had!
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  • Kari
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    There are tons of options. Some common options include eucalyptus, ruscus, and ferns, and often the leaves of the flowers themselves are used. Here are some other options: https://www.ftd.com/blog/share/types-of-greenery-and-filler-flowers

    Our florist uses a lot of local, seasonal, and native plants, so for example solomon's seal and lily of the valley are flowers that have a lot of greenery to them and may be used in arrangements.

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